10 Best Streaming Documentaries to Watch as a Family

Introduction: Documentaries are a great way to explore and learn about different topics as a family. They provide both educational and entertaining content that can spark discussions and broaden your worldview. If you’re looking for some engaging documentaries to watch together, here are ten recommendations that are available for streaming.

  1. “March of the Penguins” (2005): This heartwarming documentary follows the journey of emperor penguins in Antarctica as they brave freezing temperatures and harsh conditions to breed. It’s a visually stunning film that showcases the resilience and determination of these remarkable creatures.
  1. “Babies” (2010): “Babies” is a delightful documentary that follows the first year in the lives of four different babies from different parts of the world. Through their different experiences, cultures, and environments, the film explores the universal aspects of human development and the love and care that all babies need.
  1. “Born in China” (2016): Narrated by John Krasinski, “Born in China” takes viewers on an awe-inspiring journey to witness the lives of several iconic animal species in China, including pandas, snow leopards, and golden monkeys. This visually stunning documentary offers a glimpse into the rich biodiversity and natural beauty of China.
  1. “The Ivory Game” (2016): “The Ivory Game” sheds light on the illegal ivory trade and its devastating impact on African elephants. This thought-provoking documentary exposes the criminal networks behind the slaughter of these magnificent creatures and the global efforts to combat poaching and protect endangered species.
  1. “Planet Earth” (2006): Considered one of the most captivating nature documentaries, “Planet Earth” offers a comprehensive look at the Earth’s diverse ecosystems and the incredible animals that inhabit them. This Emmy Award-winning series beautifully captures stunning landscapes, epic animal migrations, and rarely-seen behaviors.
  1. “Science Fair” (2018): Follow the journey of passionate and talented high school students from around the world as they compete in the prestigious Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. “Science Fair” celebrates the power of science and the dedication of these young minds who are shaping the future.
  1. “Super Size Me” (2004): In this eye-opening documentary, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock explores the health consequences of consuming fast food by eating only McDonald’s meals for 30 days. “Super Size Me” raises important questions about the fast-food industry and the impact of unhealthy eating habits on our well-being.
  1. “The Beatles: Eight Days a Week” (2016): If your family loves music, this documentary is a must-watch. Directed by Ron Howard, it chronicles the rise of the iconic British band, The Beatles, and their impact on popular culture during the 1960s. Packed with interviews, concert footage, and behind-the-scenes moments, this film is a treat for music enthusiasts.
  1. “Food, Inc.” (2008): “Food, Inc.” exposes the hidden realities of the food industry and its impact on our health, environment, and economy. This eye-opening documentary takes a critical look at the industrialized and often unethical practices behind the production of our food, urging viewers to make more informed choices.
  1. “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” (2011): Indulge in the culinary world with this fascinating documentary that follows Jiro Ono, an 85-year-old sushi master in Tokyo. “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” explores his relentless pursuit of perfection, dedication to his craft, and the artistry behind his world-renowned sushi restaurant.

Conclusion: These ten streaming documentaries offer a range of captivating stories and educational experiences for families. Whether you’re interested in wildlife, culture, science, or social issues, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy these thought-provoking and entertaining films as you spend quality time together, broadening your horizons and fostering meaningful conversations.