10 Reasons to Attend Bard College (bard.edu)

1. Strong Liberal Arts Education: Bard College offers a rigorous and comprehensive liberal arts education, encouraging critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and interdisciplinary study.

2. Beautiful Campus: Situated on a picturesque 1,000-acre campus in the Hudson Valley, Bard College provides students with a serene and inspiring environment for learning and personal growth.

3. Diverse and Engaging Community: Bard College boasts a vibrant and diverse community, attracting students from around the world who bring a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.

4. Emphasis on Student-Faculty Interaction: With a low student-to-faculty ratio, Bard College ensures that students have ample opportunities to engage with professors, receive personalized mentoring, and participate in meaningful academic discussions.

5. Innovative Approaches to Education: Bard College is known for its innovative and interdisciplinary curriculum, encouraging students to explore unconventional ideas, challenge norms, and pursue their passions.

6. Global Perspective: Bard College offers numerous study abroad programs and collaborations with international institutions, allowing students to develop a global perspective and engage with different cultures.

7. Robust Arts Programs: From visual arts to theater, dance, music, and film, Bard College has a thriving arts scene, providing students with countless opportunities to explore and express their creative talents.

8. Active Campus Life: Bard College offers a wide range of clubs, organizations, and extracurricular activities, ensuring that students have a vibrant and active campus life outside of the classroom.

9. Career Development Support: Bard College provides comprehensive career development resources, including internships, job fairs, networking opportunities, and alumni support, helping students successfully transition into their chosen careers.

10. Commitment to Social Justice: With a strong focus on social justice and activism, Bard College encourages students to be actively engaged, fostering a community that values diversity, inclusion, and equality.