10 Reasons to Attend Davis & Elkins College

1. Small Class Sizes: At Davis & Elkins College, you can benefit from small class sizes, which allow for more personalized attention from professors and a collaborative learning environment.

2. Diverse Academic Programs: The college offers a wide range of academic programs, including majors in business, education, humanities, natural sciences, and more, allowing students to explore their interests and find their passion.

3. Beautiful Campus: Located in Elkins, West Virginia, Davis & Elkins College boasts a scenic campus with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. The campus provides a serene and peaceful environment for studying and personal growth.

4. Strong Community Atmosphere: The tight-knit community at Davis & Elkins College fosters a sense of belonging and support. Students form lifelong friendships and are actively engaged in campus activities and events.

5. Faculty-Student Collaboration: Students have numerous opportunities to collaborate with faculty members on research projects, internships, and community service initiatives. This hands-on experience enhances learning and prepares students for their future careers.

6. Outdoor Recreation Opportunities: Elkins is situated near numerous outdoor recreational areas, such as the Monongahela National Forest and the Appalachian Mountains. Students can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and other outdoor activities during their free time.

7. Career Development: Davis & Elkins College is dedicated to helping students succeed in their chosen career paths. The Career Services department offers internships, job fairs, and networking opportunities to connect students with potential employers.

8. Cultural and Artistic Environment: The college promotes a vibrant cultural and artistic environment through its various programs and events. Students can attend concerts, art exhibitions, theater performances, and more, enriching their college experience.

9. Study Abroad Opportunities: Davis & Elkins College encourages students to broaden their horizons through study abroad programs. These experiences allow students to immerse themselves in different cultures and gain a global perspective.

10. Alumni Network: Upon graduation, students join a proud and supportive alumni network that offers lifelong connections, mentoring opportunities, and career guidance. This network provides a valuable resource for personal and professional growth.