11 Best Family Hotels in New Orleans

There are beautiful locations to stay in New Orleans with your kids if planning a holiday, ranging from basic bungalows to larger family resorts. New Orleans is a rich melting pot of nature, culture, and people.

I have compiled a list of the top places to visit in New Orleans with your family that offers something great and exciting for each family member.

Without further ado is a list of the top ten family-friendly hotels in New Orleans that will guarantee you a wonderful vacation and a lifetime of wonderful family memories.

  1. The Pelham Hotel

If you want to see some of the city’s old architecture while traveling with your family, the Pelham Hotel is a perfect choice.

The designs of the rooms are in a classic style with a retro French flair. Every unit has a kitchen, a coffee machine, and a fridge. Of course, there are TVs in every room, and guests have free wifi throughout the Pelham.

Take a stroll to some of the smaller nearby restaurants for fabulous family fun before your trip ends if you are looking for family entertainment.

  1. The Best Western Plus St. Christopher

When looking for a place that feels like home but yet has all the luxuries of a fantastic resort with spacious, nicely furnished rooms, the Best Western Plus St. Christopher Hotel & Resort is a great choice.

The hotel boasts amenities like free wifi, one of the best sights, and televisions in every room for youngsters who like to stay in and watch TV.

The pool is the best place for children under twelve to have fun, though you may also go to one of the nearby restaurants.

  1. The Holiday Inn Superdome Hotel

If you stay at the Superdome, you will not be happy because Holiday Inn resorts have a good reputation.

The Superdome features a variety of activities for kids and families, including horseback riding, and is in the middle of everything you could want to see and do in New Orleans.

This hotel is one of my favorites for families because of the variety of activities they provide.

Adults and children will enjoy the large pool, and the beds in the rooms are excellent. The style of the rooms is modern and comfortable.

  1. Comfort Inn & Suites Metairie

The Comfort Inn & Suites provides beautiful, comfortable accommodations with enough space to give the kids some alone time. Its location is close to Lakeside Mall.

The resort offers basic amenities like free Wi-Fi, and each room has a kitchen, TV, air conditioning, and the choice of additional laundry and cleaning services if you are planning to stay.

The large outdoor pool, where many family-friendly activities and events occur, should be a hit with younger children.

  1. Copeland Tower Suites and Conference Center

The Copeland Tower Suites and Conference Center may appear to be a business hotel from the outside, but as you step inside, you will discover why it is among the best hotels in New Orleans for families.

The bedrooms are lavish, decorated in a contemporary style, and big enough to have many rooms per unit so kids can enjoy their time.

Kids can enjoy the on-site pool, occasionally activities, and events. In addition, there are many other things to do at the resort.

  1. Maison Dupuy Hotel

The beauty, energy, and excitement of the French Quarter in New Orleans are among the best things you can experience, and this family-friendly hotel is among the best you will discover.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable and offer a luxurious home vibe that is not common in many other New Orleans family hotels. There is also an on-site pool.

Around the Maison Dupuy, several kid-friendly restaurants, activities, and attractions are available.

  1. Hotel Provincial

Another fantastic family-friendly hotel in New Orleans that offers the best of the French Quarter is the Hotel Provincial.

The hotel features some fantastic eateries suitable for adults and children. In addition, two on-site pools are open around the clock, ideal for kids and adults.

Although there are more activities for kids outside of the Hotel Provincial than inside, it is the perfect place to stay if you want a more luxurious experience.

  1. Le Richelieu Hotel

Even though the Le Richelieu Hotel has more than eighty distinct rooms, it does not feel as large as it appears until you go inside and see the nicely decorated rooms. It is a great New Orleans hotel for families having young children or teens who know how to keep themselves entertained.

The hotel offers a variety of amenities, such as room service, free Wi-Fi, televisions in each room, and very comfortable rooms with enough space to segregate children from adults.

  1. Drury Inn & Suites

Drury Inn & Suites is one of the excellent French Quarter hotels in New Orleans for families and is even a spot where locals are known to go. So, you will get the most authentic New Orleans’ fine cuisine and culture if you are not from the area.

This hotel offers complimentary breakfast, on-site dining options with a kids’ menu, and the opportunity to have snacks delivered to your apartment.

Kids can gladly use the Wi-Fi and TV in every room, or they can enjoy the pool and occasionally programs for the kid.

  1. Hyatt Regency

Hyatt Regency is a renowned hotel and resort chain with many branches worldwide, giving competition to some of the best in the business.

The Regency in New Orleans offers you many amenities like an included breakfast buffet, Wi-Fi throughout the resort, additional room service options, and more facilities such as laundry services to extend your stay.

If you take the kids to the Hyatt Regency, they might never want to leave the hotel since they are having so much fun inside!

  1. The Four Points Hotel

Four Points Hotel is a part of the global hotel brand, and its New Orleans location complements the themed vintage decor that adds a local flair.

The focus on specific children’s programs makes this one of the best hotels in New Orleans for families- there is more than enough for adults to do when the kids are busy.

Take advantage of the on-site dining options, some of which provide meals suitable for children, such as burgers, or go for a stroll around the Four Points to see the views.