11 Super Creative Bitmoji Classroom Ideas for Teachers

  1. Virtual bulletin board: Create a virtual bulletin board using Bitmoji characters to display important announcements, reminders, and student achievements.
  2. Customized avatars: Use Bitmoji to create customized avatars for each student. This adds a personal touch to virtual classrooms and helps students identify with their virtual characters.
  3. Interactive virtual library: Design a virtual library using Bitmoji characters and incorporate clickable links to digital books, educational resources, and interactive activities.
  4. Subject-specific Bitmoji rooms: Create subject-specific Bitmoji rooms where each room represents a different subject. For example, a science room with lab equipment and experiments, a math room with equations and manipulatives, etc.
  5. Virtual field trips: Take students on virtual field trips by designing Bitmoji rooms that mimic different locations, such as museums, historical landmarks, and even outer space.
  6. Bitmoji rewards system: Set up a Bitmoji rewards system where students earn virtual stickers or badges for their accomplishments. These can be displayed on a digital leaderboard or virtual classroom wall.
  7. Bitmoji interactive worksheets: Create interactive worksheets using Bitmojis to make learning more engaging. For example, add Bitmoji characters to math problems or have students drag and drop Bitmoji objects to complete a task.
  8. Virtual classroom rules poster: Design a Bitmoji poster with classroom rules and expectations. This can be displayed at the start of virtual classes to remind students of proper behavior and etiquette.
  9. Collaborative Bitmoji collages: Engage students in group projects by having them create collaborative Bitmoji collages. Each student can contribute their own Bitmoji character or object to create a unique group artwork.
  10. Bitmoji Virtual Field Day: Organize a virtual field day using Bitmoji characters. Design different Bitmoji stations for games and activities that students can participate in from home.
  11. Bitmoji chat backgrounds: Create Bitmoji chat backgrounds for virtual meetings or discussions. This adds a fun and colorful backdrop to online conversations and helps create a more engaging environment.

Incorporating Bitmoji into virtual classrooms can enhance student engagement, create a sense of virtual presence, and add a touch of creativity to online learning experiences. These 11 ideas provide a starting point for teachers looking to leverage Bitmoji in their instruction.