12 Best STEAM Apps for Students in the Classroom and at Home

  1. Scratch
  2. Tynker
  3. Code.org
  4. Khan Academy
  5. Duolingo
  6. NASA App
  7. Duolingo
  8. Google Earth
  9. GeoGebra
  10. BrainPOP
  11. Seesaw
  12. Kahoot

These apps offer a wide range of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) experiences for students both in the classroom and at home. From coding and programming to math and science simulations, these apps promote learning and creativity in a fun and engaging way. Whether students are interested in coding, space exploration, foreign languages, or interactive learning, these apps provide valuable resources to enhance their educational experience. Use these apps to spark creativity, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking abilities in students while making learning an enjoyable experience.