13 Best Family Vacation Spots in Tennessee

For fans of country music and its variations, Tennessee is one of the most family-friendly travel locations in the country.

The history that has been maintained is a fantastic method to introduce children to this brutal period in American history.

The state also saw a lot of action during the Civil War.

The top family resorts in Tennessee are listed below.

  1. Nashville

Nashville is the birthplace of country music, and some of the best boppers to have emerged from there.

You can have fun doing a variety of things with your family in Nashville. Starting at the Country Music Hall of Fame is highly recommended.

You should undoubtedly visit the Grand Ole Opry and the Tennesse Performing Arts Center while you’re in the city.

Nashville has a wealth of other attractions outside music, such as the lovely old homes.

There are a lot of distilleries in this area that you may tour and sample their products.

  1. Memphis

Memphis is yet another fantastic vacation spot for music fans.

Memphis is undoubtedly at the top of the list if you’re seeking enjoyable vacations in Tennessee.

The best part of vacationing in Memphis is getting to see Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley.

Another must-see place is the Memphis Rock n’ Soul Museum.

Memphis not only has a rich musical heritage, but it also has the Cotton Museum and the National Civil Rights Museum, both of which offer fantastic educational opportunities for children.

In Memphis and the surrounding areas, there is something for everyone.

You will return a fan of the music that comes from this amazing city, if nothing else.

  1. Pigeon Forge

Tennessee’s Pigeon Force is a terrific destination for any last-minute getaway plans.

A family vacation would be wonderful in this location.

The Great Smoky Mountains’ foothills are similar to a trip to Vegas but far more family-friendly.

There are numerous dining establishments and accommodations, as well as opportunities to engage in activities like go-karting, laser tag, and miniature golf.

Additionally, there are several opportunities to go shopping and simply enjoy yourself while on vacation.

You can also take a drive down to Cade’s Cove, a breathtaking valley with some of this region’s most magnificent landscapes.

  1. Gatlinburg

Gatling burg, which is close to Pigeon Forge and a fantastic alternative for weekend trips to Tennessee, is yet another fantastic choice.

A vacation can be held here in complete peace.

Although there aren’t many opulent luxuries available here, if you’re hoping to spend a pleasant and private vacation with your family, this is the spot to do it.

Children will go crazy over the Guinness World Records Museum and Ripley’s Aquarium.

You should take them there for an exciting afternoon.

Check out the slopes in Ober Gatlinburg if skiing is something you’re interested in doing.

  1. Bristol

If you enjoy racing, then you’ve probably heard of Bristol

One of the best NASCAR circuit tracks is located here, and the area is rich in racing history.

The Birthplace of Country music, the Paramount Theatre, and even taking a picture at the state line separating Tennessee and Virginia offers lots of other things if sports are not what draw you to Bristol

You can be in the two states at once.

Something that will undoubtedly be enjoyed by your children.

When you are near the state line, the Blackbird Bakery is a terrific spot to go.

  1. Chattanooga

The thriving metropolis of Chattanooga is situated in southern Tennessee.

History buffs of all ages will find this city to be quite interesting.

When you arrive in town, one of the first locations you should see is the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum.

If at all possible, make reservations for a room at the Chattanooga Choo Choo, where you can spend the night in a former train car (the hotel is a former train station converted into a hotel).

  1. Knoxville

A picturesque city, Knoxville is located next to the Tennessee River. This is a peaceful and charming city where you may go for walks along the riverfront and have a lovely lunch.

You should also visit Market Square in the city if you want to indulge in some retail therapy and eat at some of the greatest establishments there.

This downtown market also features a farmer’s market if you’re in the area on the weekends.

I also believe that a trip to the Knoxville Zoo would be wonderful for families with young children.

For the kids, I would also suggest The Muse, a fascinating scientific museum for kids.

  1. Dollywood

Spending a few days in Dollywood is one of the top family-friendly travel suggestions in Tennessee.

One of the best theme parks in the nation, offering water parks, thrilling rides, etc., is located in this amazing town.

Even if you are going in a bigger group, you may still have a fantastic time at this location.

Because singer Dolly Parton owns the park, there is a large collection of items honoring her career.

In addition, the town is situated next to the spectacular Smoky Mountain National Park, which offers some of Tennessee’s most breathtaking views.

  1. the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Tennessee is the Great Smoky Mountains, National Park. This is a fantastic location to think about if you want to take a vacation in the Tennessee mountains.

It is a stunning national park that is home to almost 100,000 different types of plants and animals.

The black bear, elks, and even white-tailed deer are among creatures you might see more frequently at the national park.

  1. Sevierville

Family-friendly Tennessee vacation places include Sevierville.

The Tanger Outlets may come to mind first when someone hears the name Sevierville.

But in addition to that, Sevierville offers a variety of other fun activities.

For starters, Dolly Parton was born here, so if you’re a fan, you might want to visit the statue honoring her.

Sevierville offers a ton of family-friendly outdoor activities, including horseback riding and hiking.

  1. Clarksville

Clarksville, a city in north Tennessee, is a place rich in culture and history.

The Customs House Museum, which is housed in a lovely Victorian-era structure from 1898, is the first activity I advise doing while in Clarksville.

While the art exhibitions are unlikely to pique the children’s interest, the model trains will undoubtedly have their attention. You can get a taste of the rich local history at the museum.

You should visit the sinkholes in the Dunbar Cave complex, which are another natural creation.

The As the River Flows Museum in Clarksville has provided an overview of the rich history of the Cumberland River.

  1. Jackson

Jackson, another thriving and charming city in Tennessee, is close to Memphis. One of the most significant regional centers for the market, this is where all the trade magic in West Tennessee takes place.

Additionally, this is where Rockabilly Music originated.

Jackson has several other attractions, such as the Casey Jones Home & Railroad Museum, which bears the engineer’s name.

There is also the magnificent Cypress Grove Nature Park, which is ideal for spending time in nature and getting some fresh air.

  1. Mammoth Cave National Park

Parts of Mammoth Cave, the longest known cave system in the world, can be found in Mammoth Cave National Park, an amazing area that is maintained in the United States.

In addition to touring this amazing cave system, I also suggest doing the Historic Tour and the Dripstones Tour.

If you need to get about quickly, you can also wander the national park on your own and navigate yourself; as long as you follow all the park rangers’ safety recommendations, this is safe to do.