14 Kindergarten Math Games That Make Numbers Fun from Day One

  1. Counting Caterpillars: Create a caterpillar template with circles numbered from 1 to 10. Let the children color and cut out the circles, then arrange them in numerical order to form their caterpillars.
  2. Shape Hopscotch: Draw different shapes using chalk on the ground. Each shape should be labeled with a number. Children can toss a coin and hop onto the shape corresponding to the number they landed on.
  3. Number Hunt: Hide different numbers around the classroom or outdoor area. Give children a list of numbers to find and encourage them to match the number they find to the one on their list.
  4. Bean Bag Toss: Create a target board with numbers. Children take turns throwing bean bags onto the board and score points based on the number they hit. They can add up their scores to practice basic addition skills.
  5. Counting Sensory Bottles: Fill clear plastic bottles with various small objects like beads or buttons. Label each bottle with a number and encourage children to count the items inside.
  6. Number Bingo: Create bingo cards with numbers and call out random numbers. Children cover the corresponding number on their cards. The first one to cover all the numbers in a row wins.
  7. Roll and Add: Provide children with dice and a set of number cards. They roll the dice and add the numbers together using the cards. This game reinforces counting and addition skills.
  8. Ten Frame Memory: Create ten frames using cardstock or paper and draw dots to represent numbers 1-10. Mix the cards and turn them face down. Children take turns flipping two cards and trying to match the number on the ten frames.
  9. Counting Walk: Take a walk around the school or neighborhood and ask children to count objects they see, such as trees, cars, or mailboxes. This game helps develop one-to-one correspondence skills.
  10. Number Puzzles: Create simple number puzzles using cardboard or foam sheets. Cut each number into pieces and children have to match the pieces to form the correct number.
  11. Play Store: Set up a pretend store with price tags on various items. Children take turns as the cashier and practice counting money to buy different items.
  12. Number Line Jump: Draw a number line on the ground using chalk or tape. Call out a number and children have to jump to the correct spot on the number line.
  13. Domino Match: Provide children with a set of dominoes and ask them to match the dots on each domino to the corresponding number card.
  14. Number Patterns: Create a pattern using numbers and ask children to continue the pattern. For example, start with 1, 2, and 3 and ask them to add the next number in the pattern.

These kindergarten math games are interactive and engaging, making learning numbers a fun experience for young children. Incorporate these games into your lessons or free playtime to build a foundational understanding of numbers from day one.