15 Best Resources for Free Social Justice Lesson Plans, Activities, and More

Social justice education plays a crucial role in shaping young minds and fostering a more equitable society. To assist educators and individuals passionate about promoting social justice, we have compiled a list of the 15 best resources for free social justice lesson plans, activities, and more. These resources offer a variety of materials that can be used in classrooms, community organizations, or personal learning journeys.

  1. Teaching for Change: This nonprofit organization provides a wealth of free resources, including lesson plans, articles, and booklists, to support social justice education.
  2. Teaching Tolerance: With a focus on anti-bias and social justice education, Teaching Tolerance offers numerous free lesson plans, webinars, and classroom activities.
  3. Facing History and Ourselves: This organization offers a range of free resources that encourage critical thinking about history, racism, and injustice. Their lesson plans address important social justice topics.
  4. Zinn Education Project: Founded by historian Howard Zinn, this project provides educators with free materials that teach students about diverse perspectives on history and social issues.
  5. EdChange: EdChange offers free social justice lesson plans, activities, and workshops designed to transform the educational experience and promote equity.
  6. Rethinking Schools: This publisher provides free articles and lesson plans that challenge traditional curriculum and promote social justice in education.
  7. Share My Lesson: A platform that hosts thousands of free resources created by educators, including lesson plans on social justice topics.
  8. Teaching Channel: While not exclusively focused on social justice, Teaching Channel offers a collection of videos, lesson plans, and strategies that can be adapted to promote equity and inclusivity.
  9. TED-Ed: TED-Ed’s library features a range of animated lessons on social justice topics, providing engaging content for learners of all ages.
  10. Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture: This museum’s website offers online exhibitions, educator resources, and digital collections that shed light on the history of African Americans and their contributions to social justice.
  11. PBS LearningMedia: PBS provides free educational resources, including lesson plans and videos, that cover a wide range of social justice topics.
  12. Amnesty International: Known for their human rights advocacy, Amnesty International offers free educational materials that explore various social justice themes.
  13. Teaching Channel: This YouTube channel features inspiring videos of educators implementing social justice practices in their classrooms.
  14. Youth Activism Project: This organization empowers youth activists by providing free resources, tools, and lesson plans to help them create positive change in their communities.
  15. United Nations Free & Equal Campaign: The United Nations’ initiative for LGBTQ+ equality offers free educational resources that promote understanding, respect, and social justice for all.

These resources are just the starting point for educators and individuals seeking to incorporate social justice education into their practice. By utilizing these free resources, you can help create a more inclusive and equitable future for all.