“15 “First Day Jitters” Activities to Calm Back-to-School Nerves

The start of a new school year can be both exciting and nerve-wracking for students. The “first-day jitters” are a common experience, but there are many activities that can help calm those nerves and make the transition back to school smoother. Here are 15 activities to try:

  1. Mindful Breathing: Teach students simple breathing exercises to help them relax and focus. Inhaling deeply through the nose and exhaling slowly through the mouth can create a sense of calm.
  2. Morning Meeting: Start the day with a morning meeting where students can express their feelings, talk about their expectations, and build connections with each other.
  3. Icebreaker Games: Engage students in fun icebreaker games that encourage interaction and help them become more comfortable with their classmates.
  4. Guided Visualization: Lead students through a guided visualization exercise to help them imagine a positive and successful first day.
  5. Writing Prompts: Provide students with writing prompts that allow them to reflect on their hopes, fears, and goals for the new school year.
  6. Get to Know You Activities: Engage students in activities that allow them to learn more about each other, fostering a sense of belonging and community.
  7. Classroom Tour: Take students on a tour of the classroom, familiarizing them with the environment and resources available to them.
  8. Goal Setting: Encourage students to set personal goals for the school year, helping them focus on their aspirations and motivations.
  9. Review the Schedule: Go through the school schedule with students, ensuring they understand what to expect throughout the day.
  10. Buddy System: Pair students up with a buddy who can support and guide them during the first few days of school.
  11. Relaxation Corner: Create a designated relaxation corner in the classroom where students can go to take a break and calm their nerves.
  12. Positive Affirmations: Teach students to use positive affirmations, such as “I am capable” or “I am ready to learn,” to boost their confidence.
  13. Team Building Activities: Engage students in team-building activities that foster cooperation and create a sense of unity among classmates.
  14. Expressive Arts: Provide opportunities for students to express their feelings through art, music, or drama activities.
  15. Celebrate Accomplishments: Acknowledge and celebrate students’ accomplishments, no matter how big or small, to boost their self-esteem and confidence.

By implementing these “First Day Jitters” activities, you can help create a positive and supportive classroom environment where students feel more at ease and ready to embark on a successful school year.”