17 Jawsome Shark Books for Young Readers


Dive into the fascinating world of sharks with these 17 jawsome shark books for young readers! Whether you have a budding marine biologist or just a curious kid on your hands, this captivating collection is perfect for nurturing a love of learning and adventure. Read on to discover our fin-tastic recommended reads!

1. The Ultimate Book of Sharks by Brian Skerry

In this National Geographic Kids book, renowned underwater photographer Brian Skerry shares his most thrilling and awe-inspiring pictures accompanied by shark facts, making this book an essential addition to any young reader’s library.

2. Shark Lady by Jess Keating

This inspiring picture book tells the story of Eugenie Clark, a pioneering female ichthyologist known for her groundbreaking research on sharks and their incredible abilities.

3. Smart About Sharks by Owen Davey

Featuring stunning illustrations, Smart About Sharks offers extensive information on different shark species and their fascinating world in a concise and engaging manner.

4. Hark! A Shark!: All About Sharks by Bonnie Worth

Part of the popular Cat in the Hat Learning Library series, Hark! A Shark! takes young readers on an educational journey through the fantastic realm of sharks.

5. Neighborhood Sharks by Katherine Roy

Offering a unique perspective, Neighborhood Sharks dives into the world of great white sharks living off the coast of California and provides captivating illustrations alongside informative text.

6. Surprising Sharks by Nicola Davies

Through stunning artwork paired with interesting facts, Surprising Sharks offer young readers bite-sized knowledge about these misunderstood predators.

7. Sharks – Amazing Facts & Pictures for Children by Hathai Ross

Ideal for kids who want a comprehensive introduction to sharks, this book is filled with high-quality pictures accompanied by informative text that will quench their curiosity about these fascinating creatures.

8. Super Shark Encyclopedia by DK Publishing

Young readers will be mesmerized by this visually stunning guide that features not only sharks but also other captivating sea creatures.

9. If Sharks Disappeared by Lily Williams

An essential read for raising environmentally conscious children, If Sharks Disappeared educates youngsters on the crucial role sharks play in the world’s ecosystems and the importance of conservation efforts.

10. Sharkpedia by Nancy Ellwood and Margaret Seager

Packed with vibrant photos and fascinating shark facts, Sharkpedia is a must-have for any shark enthusiast.

11. Great White Shark Storybook by National Geographic Kids

This engaging storybook highlights the amazing adventures of great white sharks through a combination of thrilling photos, fun graphics, and exciting content.

12. The Magical World of Sharks by Terri Kelley

This illustrated book introduces young readers to various shark species while sharing valuable information about their habitat, anatomy, and behavior.

13. Love is: A Magical Underwater Adventure Through The World of Sharks by Samantha Whitehouse and Flo Paris Oakes

With a mix of poetry and art, this unique book celebrates the love between a mother and child while exploring the fascinating world of sharks.

14. Discovering Sharks with REAL Shark Tooth! by Bindi Irwin

Join Bindi Irwin in Discovering Sharks as she shares engaging stories about her encounters with these fantastic ocean predators along with a handy bonus – a real shark tooth!

15. How to Spy on a Shark by Lori Haskins Houran

Young readers will learn about the innovative methods scientists use to research and observe sharks in their natural habitat in this exciting picture book.

16. Fly Guy Presents: Sharks (Fly Guy #14) by Tedd Arnold

Fly Guy provides a fun introduction to sharks for early readers, featuring interesting facts and vivid illustrations that are sure to keep children engaged.

17. “I’m A Shark!” by Bob Shea

With fun illustrations and simple language, a confident shark shares its fears, proving that everyone has fears no matter how tough they may seem.