17 Top Public Beach Spots in Europe

Europe is a popular destination for romantics, history aficionados, and all-around adventurers.

When you travel to this continent, there are countless experiences you can have.

Keeping track of all, you need to do is challenging.

However, visiting its great beaches is one of the best activities in Europe that you should not miss checking off your bucket list.

Not sure where to begin?

Do not worry.

Here is a list of the top beaches in Europe that you simply must visit.

  1. Cavtat’s Pasjaca Beach in Croatia

A little, undiscovered beach called Pasjaca is found in South Croatia, close to the Konavle cliffs.

One of the most beautiful beaches in the nation.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Although its pebbly bottom and gravelly sand may not be ideal for your feet, there is something romantic about this small, unassuming beach. You can’t help but notice how it enhances the surrounding area’s natural beauty.

The steep hike that makes it difficult to access this shorefront means that not many people come here.

But when you acquire priceless pictures, the journey is undoubtedly worthwhile.

A Pro Tip

Though not everyone can, you might prefer to visit this beach.

The steep path and steps cut into the cliffs.

The ascent and descent will be an adventure in and of itself.

If you’re traveling with young children or elderly people, it might not be the best idea to visit this seaside.

  1. Spain’s Nerja Beach

Spain’s Costa del Sol is home to the municipality of Nerja.

It is most well-known for its undiscovered coves, underwater caves, and sandy beaches.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

You must visit Nerja’s famed Burriana Beach, one of the most popular beaches in all of Europe, while there.

It is well known for its restaurants, bars, and water sports opportunities.

A Pro Tip

Even though Burriana Beach may be the most well-known, Nerja’s other beaches provide surreal adventures.

Beachgoers can expect to find waterfalls and underwater caverns at Maro Beach.

Snorkelers and divers alike will be drawn to Las Calas del Pino Beach’s deep, clear waters.

  1. Croatia’s Tucepi’s Nugal Beach

In Croatia, Nugal Beach is a completely nude beach located between Makarska and Tucepi.

Why We Suggest This Seaside

The well-known nudist beachfront, Nugal Beach, is located on the Makarska Riviera among the jagged rocks.

The pebbly beaches of this beach are obscured from view and provide plenty of solitude for visitors.

You’ll undoubtedly adore the calmness and quiet you find on this beach.

A Pro Tip

Prepare yourself!

Bring your drinking water with you since there are no amenities on the beach.

Wearing sandals with straps is also a good idea because the beach route might be rocky and slippery.

  1. Cassis, France’s Bestouan Beach

In Cassis, Bestouan Beach is close to Port-Calanque.

This small beach is one of the most well-known European beaches in France.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Even though Bestouan Beach has a little stretch of rocky shoreline, many still come here to relax.

The excursion is worthwhile only for the vistas of Cape Canaille.

But while you’re here, you may also take advantage of its chilly blue seas.

There is usually a lifeguard on duty during the summer, so don’t be concerned.

A Pro Tip

Staying in the city center will help you get the most out of your trip.

You’ll be a short 10-minute walk from Bestouan Beach, in addition to being close to a ton of dining options and other establishments.

  1. Spain’s Cala Sa Boadella, located in Lloret de Mar

Playa Cala Sa Boadella is a beach in the bustling Lloret de Mar that is dress-optional.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

After a night of revelry at one of the many clubs, unwind the following day in Playa Cala Sa Boadella.

You may snorkel or wade in the clear, shallow waters at this picturesque beach.

A Pro Tip

At the far end of the beach is a nudist area.

You can continue wearing your beach clothes if you don’t want to go nude.

Just be aware that most nudists stroll around, so if that makes you uncomfortable, this might not be the greatest beach to visit.

  1. St. Ives, England’s Porthminster Beach

In West Cornwall, England, near St. Ives Bay, you may find Porthminster Beach.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Porthminster Beach is most likely the kid-friendly beach on this list.

At low tide, the clean, shallow waters along this soft-sand shorefront are ideal for young swimmers to dip their toes in.

Additionally, it features a sizable front where your kids can have a blast building magnificent sandcastles.

A Pro Tip

The quick walk from St. Ives station to this beach is one of its best features.

This flat road can come in handy if you’re carrying children as well as a lot of other items (hello, stroller!).

  1. Cape Drastis on the Greek island of Corfu

The northwest corner of Corfu’s coastline is where you can find Cape Drastis.

It is one of the nicer beaches in the area and can be reached from Peroulades village.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Undoubtedly, this is one of Europe’s top beaches.

You will be drawn in by Cape Drastis’ untouched beauty and dazzling blue waves.

Spending the day swimming and unwinding on this beach will make you feel as though you are a castaway living out your dreams.

A Pro Tip

Cape Drastis can be reached in three different ways.

Drive a jeep on the rough road, walk farther on foot, or take a boat to the picturesque views.

  1. Budva, Montenegro’s St. Nicholas Island

An island in the Adriatic Sea is known as St. Nicholas Island (sometimes spelled Sveti Nikola).

Locals refer to it as “Hawaii” as well.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Visit the biggest island in Montenegro and go around the uninhabited areas.

On St. Nicholas Island, you can choose to relax on the beach or rent a kayak to explore the quiet cove.

A Pro Tip

The diminutive St. Nicholas’ Church, built in 1096, is another place you can go.

  1. Tarifa, Spain’s Bolonia Beach

Bolonia is a coastal village in the province of Cadiz in southern Spain and is home to Playa de Bolonia.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Spend the day at Bolonia Beach and relax along the Andalusian coastline.

It is one of the most beautiful wild beaches in Spain and has a beautiful view of the San Bartolome Mountains.

You will undoubtedly fall in love with this location because of the turquoise waves and coffee-colored sand.

Expert Advice 

While you’re on the coast, stop at the ruins of the old Roman town of Baelo Claudia, which was built around the end of the 2nd century BC. Casta’s Saleccia Beach is in Corsica.

  1. Saleccia Beach — Casta, Corsica

A secluded beach with pristine white sand and a clear blue sea is called Plage de Saleccia.

It’s in the Corsican town of Casta.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Saleccia Beach is a great place to swim as well as relax on the beautiful beach.

The waters are invitingly blue and shallow enough for non-swimmers to enjoy wading in.

A Pro Tip

Saleccia Beach can be reached in three different ways: via boat, taxi, and automobile.

Most people will tell you not to travel by car because the roads are especially dangerous for tourists.

A taxi would be your best option.

But if you prefer the beautiful way, depart from Saint Florent on a boat.

  1. Vlychos Beach on Greece’s Hydra Island

The picturesque hamlet of Hydra Island is home to Vlychos Beach.

From Hydra Harbor, it takes 40 minutes to walk to the shorefront.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

The rocky edge and emerald-green water of Vlychos Beach are reason enough to visit this unassuming but charming beach.

While you’re in this tiny island village, it’s the ideal place to unwind.

A Pro Tip

You can always take a taxi boat to get to Vlychos Beach if you don’t want to walk far from the harbor.

  1. Italy’s Numana Alta Beach

The province of Ancona’s seaside town of Numana is home to Numana Alta Beach.

It is one of Numana’s two beaches.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Spiaggiola Beach and the Friars’ and the beach at Numana Bassa are the two bays you may explore from Numana Alta Beach.

Both bays offer stunning views of the ocean and mountains.

A Pro Tip

You can swim in the sea at Numana Alta Beach if you desire because it typically has calm seas.

If you simply want to unwind on beach chairs under umbrellas, you can also go to one of the nearby beach clubs.

  1. Cala Pregonda on the Spanish island of Menorca

On Spain, Menorca Island’s northern coast is a place called Cala Pregonda.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

In a protected harbor with shallow waters, you may find Cala Pregonda.

It’s a terrific place to amuse your children all day long.

It’s a great area for snorkeling because the seas there are so clear.

Expert Advice 

You will undoubtedly witness a variety of marine life when snorkeling, including jellyfish.

Despite how attractive they are to the eye, avoid their tendrils at all costs.

If you’re not careful, jellyfish stings will hurt quite a bit.

  1. Romania’s Mamaia Beach

Romania’s Constanta, on the coast of the Black Sea, is home to Mamaia Beach.

Why We Suggest This Seaside

Mamaia Beach is commercialized and full of tourists, but it’s still worth going to if you’re in Constanta.

Its broad, fluffy sand is ideal for lazing around all day.

You can exercise, unwind, and simply enjoy yourself.

Additionally, the Black Sea’s inviting waters will keep you cool.

A Pro Tip

Book a hotel close by if you want to get the most out of Mamaia Beach and the Romanian Riviera.

Both the shore and restaurants will be accessible by foot from your location.

Additionally, the area around the beach is teeming with nightlife.

  1. Positano Beach on Italy’s Amalfi Coast

Italy’s Amalfi Coast is home to Positano Spiaggia.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

It’s not your usual tropical paradise, Positano Beach.

One reason is that its stunning coastlines are dark and pebbly.

But don’t worry, the water is warm enough to dip in and is wonderfully clear.

Simply remember to swim defensively.

A Pro Tip

Never fear if you don’t want to get wet.

Positano Beach can still be seen from higher up in the town.

  1. Zakynthos, Greece’s Navagio Beach

Zakynthos is one of the most romantic destinations in Greece.

Visitors love to go to Navagio Beach, also known as Shipwreck Beach and Smugglers Cove.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

In addition to its lovely vistas of paradise, the best beach in Europe for swimming is Navagio Beach.

The gorgeous blue seas of this shorefront, which is located in the Ionian Islands, will entice you to enter.

Because of the massive cliffs that surround it, there won’t be any wind while you’re here.

A Pro Tip

Even though this beach is a great area to swim, you should still use caution when visiting.

The cove’s waters are deep.

When swimming, be cautious not to stray too far from the beach.

  1. Sweden’s Faro Island

Faro Island, which is situated in the Baltic Sea off the southeast coast of Sweden, has some of the nicest beaches in all of Europe.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

There is a huge difference between Faro Island and the other beaches on our list.

It has a magical atmosphere that is sure to fascinate you.

While you’re here, take some incredible, unforgettable images of the area’s desolate environment and eerie-looking sea stacks.

A Pro Tip

Ingmar Bergman, a renowned writer and director, is reported to have preferred visiting Faro Island.

The Swedish legend, who spent more than 40 years on the island, has a center named Bergman Center.

While you are on the island, be sure to stop by.