18 Number Line Activities You’ll Want to Try in Your Classroom

  1. Number Line Hopscotch: Create a giant number line on the floor using tape or chalk. Have students take turns hopping from one number to another, practicing both forward and backward counting.
  2. Number Line Races: Divide students into pairs and give each pair a number line. Call out a series of numbers, and students must race to jump to the correct spot on their number line.
  3. Missing Numbers: Write a number line on the board with some missing numbers. Have students work together to fill in the missing numbers, discussing patterns and counting skills.
  4. Number Line Memory: Create pairs of number cards, one with the numeral and one with the corresponding number word. Lay the cards face down and have students take turns flipping them over to find matches.
  5. Number Line Toss: Set up a number line outside with bean bags or softballs. Instruct students to throw the object to a specific number on the line, while practicing their counting skills.
  6. Number Line Puzzles: Create puzzles by cutting number lines into different segments. Students must put the segments in the correct order, reinforcing their understanding of number sequencing.
  7. Number Line Walk: Take students outside for a number line walk. Using chalk or tape, mark numbers along a path and have students walk and count the numbers as they go.
  8. Number Line Snakes and Ladders: Create a Snakes and Ladders game board, but replace the traditional numbered squares with a number line. Students must roll a dice and move along the number line, practicing addition and subtraction.
  9. Number Line Bingo: Create bingo cards with numbers on a number line. Call out numbers randomly, and students must mark the corresponding number on their card.
  10. Number Line Estimation: Show students a number line and ask them to estimate the position of a specific number. Discuss their estimations and help them develop a sense of number magnitude.
  11. Number Line Patterns: Create patterns on a number line, such as all odd numbers or multiples of a specific number. Have students identify and continue the pattern.
  12. Number Line War: Divide a deck of number cards evenly between two players. Each player flips over a card and places it on a number line. The player with the higher number wins the round.
  13. Number Line Scavenger Hunt: Hide laminated number cards around the classroom or outdoor area. Give students a number line and have them find and place the cards in numerical order.
  14. Number Line Dominoes: Create number line dominoes by cutting strips of paper and writing numbers on them. Students must match the ends of the dominoes, practicing number sequencing.
  15. Number Line Relay: Divide students into teams and set up number lines in different areas of the classroom or outdoor space. Call out a number and have the first student from each team run to the corresponding spot on the number line.
  16. Number Line Comparisons: Write pairs of numbers on the board and have students use a number line to determine which number is greater or less than the other.
  17. Number Line Hula Hoop: Lay a hula hoop on the floor and place number cards inside it randomly. Call out a number, and students must jump into the hoop and select the card with the corresponding number.

18. Number Line Role Play: Assign each student a number and have them take turns acting as the “teacher” by placing their number on the number line and asking questions about its position to their classmates.