18 Skip Counting Activities and Ideas For Elementary Math Students

Skip counting is an important skill that helps elementary math students develop their number sense and understand patterns in numbers. Here are 18 skip-counting activities and ideas to engage and support your students in their mathematical journey:

  1. Skip Counting Songs: Introduce skip counting through catchy songs that students can sing along to. Use songs like “Counting by Twos” or “Counting by Fives” to make it more fun.
  2. Number Line Hopscotch: Create a number line on the floor or playground and have students hop on the numbers as they skip count. This physical activity helps reinforce the concept.
  3. Counting Caterpillar: Create a caterpillar template with blank circles. Assign skip counting numbers to each circle, and have students color and assemble their own counting caterpillars.
  4. Skip Counting Puzzles: Create puzzles with missing numbers in skip counting sequences. Students have to complete the puzzle by filling in the missing numbers.
  5. Sports Score Skip Counting: Use sports scores to practice skip counting. For example, if a basketball team scores 12 points in a quarter, ask students to skip count by 12 to find out the score after two quarters.
  6. Skip Counting Scavenger Hunt: Hide objects around the room or outdoor area, and assign skip counting numbers to each object. Students have to find the objects in the correct order by skip counting.
  7. Technology-Based Activities: Utilize educational apps or online resources that offer interactive skip-counting games for students to practice their skills.
  8. Number Patterns: Introduce number patterns to students by skip counting. Discuss the patterns they observe and encourage them to identify and extend the patterns.
  1. Skip Counting Flashcards: Create flashcards with skip counting numbers and use them for drills and quick recall activities.
  2. Skip Counting Mazes: Design mazes with skip counting sequences as paths. Students have to navigate through the maze by following the correct skip-counting order.
  3. Skip Counting Jumps: Assign a skip counting number to each jump on a trampoline or on the floor. Have students practice skip counting as they jump from one number to the next.
  4. Musical Chairs Skip Counting: Set up chairs in a circle and number them with skip-counting numbers. Play music and have students move from one chair to another in the correct skip-counting order.
  5. Interactive Whiteboard Games: Use interactive whiteboard games to engage students in skip-counting activities. Students can physically interact with the board and practice their skip-counting skills.
  6. Skip Counting Bingo: Create bingo boards with skip counting numbers. Call out numbers randomly, and students have to mark the corresponding numbers on their boards.
  7. Skip Counting Books: Read books that emphasize skip counting and number patterns. These books can serve as a visual aid to reinforce the concept.
  8. Skip Counting Puzzles: Provide students with skip counting puzzles made from foam or cardboard. They have to solve the puzzles by arranging the pieces in the correct skip-counting order.
  9. Skip Counting Worksheets: Use printable worksheets with skip counting exercises to help students practice their skills independently.
  10. Peer Teaching: Encourage students to teach their peers how to skip count. This not only reinforces their own learning but also promotes collaboration and communication skills.

With these 18 skip-counting activities and ideas, elementary math students will have a variety of engaging and hands-on experiences to master skip-counting concepts.