19 Teacher-Approved First Grade Workbooks

Are you looking for fun and educational workbooks to help your first-grade students excel in their learning journey? Look no further! We have compiled a list of 19 teacher-approved workbooks that are perfect for first graders.

  1. “First Grade Fundamentals” by Scholastic: This comprehensive workbook covers all core subjects, including math, reading, and writing, to provide a solid foundation for academic success.
  2. “Phonics Fun” by Big Skills for Little Hands: With engaging activities and colorful illustrations, this workbook helps children strengthen their phonics skills and improve their reading abilities.
  3. “Math Made Easy” by Carson Dellosa Education: Make math enjoyable with this workbook that focuses on essential concepts like addition, subtraction, and number patterns.
  4. “Handwriting Practice” by Thinking Kids: Help your first grader develop neat handwriting with this workbook that offers various exercises and letter formation practice.
  5. “Language Arts Workout” by Evan-Moor: This workbook enhances language skills, including grammar, vocabulary, and sentence construction, through interactive exercises.
  6. “Spelling Success” by Spectrum: Improve spelling proficiency with this workbook that incorporates word games, puzzles, and spelling rules.
  7. “Science Explorers” by DK: Ignite your child’s curiosity about the world around them with this workbook that explores various scientific topics through hands-on activities.
  8. “Social Studies Adventures” by McGraw-Hill: Introduce important social studies concepts like community, geography, and history with this engaging workbook.
  9. “Reading Comprehension” by Teacher Created Resources: Strengthen reading comprehension skills with this workbook that offers interesting passages and comprehension questions.
  10. “Writing Workshop” by Shell Education: Encourage creative writing and storytelling with this workbook that provides prompts and writing exercises.
  11. “Math Puzzles and Games” by Critical Thinking Co.: Make math enjoyable and challenging with this workbook that includes puzzles, riddles, and brain teasers.
  12. “Creative Art Activities” by Highlights: Foster artistic expression and creativity with this workbook that offers a variety of art projects and activities.
  13. “STEM Explorers” by National Geographic Kids: Introduce STEM concepts like coding, engineering, and experiments with this workbook that sparks curiosity and critical thinking.
  14. “My First Book of Mazes” by Kumon: Develop problem-solving skills and spatial awareness with this workbook that offers engaging maze activities.
  15. “Sight Words Practice” by Flash Kids Editors: Enhance reading fluency with this workbook that focuses on frequently used sight words through interactive exercises.
  16. “Mindful Me” by Positive Publishing: Foster mindfulness and emotional well-being with this workbook that includes yoga, breathing exercises, and mindful activities.
  17. “Reading and Rhyming” by Highlights: Improve phonemic awareness and rhyming skills with this workbook that features fun poems and reading activities.
  18. “Math Word Problems” by Carson Dellosa Education: Sharpen problem-solving abilities with this workbook that provides math word problems for practice.
  19. “Starting Grammar” by Usborne: Introduce basic grammar concepts like parts of speech and sentence structure with this workbook that offers clear explanations and exercises.

These 19 teacher-approved first-grade workbooks are designed to support your child’s academic growth and make learning enjoyable. Choose the ones that align with your child’s needs and interests, and watch them thrive in their first-grade journey! Happy learning!