20 Classroom Winter Crafts That We Want to Try Right Now

  1. Snowflake String Art: Create beautiful snowflake designs using strings and nails on wooden boards.
  2. DIY Snow Globe: Make personalized snow globes with small figurines and glitter in water-filled jars.
  3. Polar Bear Masks: Craft polar bear masks using paper plates, construction paper, and paint.
  4. Ice Skates Garland: Cut out ice skates from colored paper and string them together to create a festive garland.
  5. Popsicle Stick Skiing Penguins: Paint popsicle sticks to resemble penguins skiing down a snowy hill.
  6. Winter Bird Feeders: Mold birdseed into various shapes using cookie cutters and hang them outside for the birds to enjoy.
  7. Mitten Ornaments: Trace and cut out mitten shapes from felt, then decorate them with buttons, sequins, and ribbons.
  8. Paper Plate Snowman Craft: Use paper plates to assemble adorable snowman faces, complete with hats and scarves.
  9. Ice Chalk Art: Mix water and food coloring to create ice chalk for outdoor sidewalk drawings.
  10. Snowy Owl Paper Bag Puppets: Turn paper bags into cute snowy owl puppets using construction paper and googly eyes.
  11. Snow Sensory Bins: Fill large plastic containers with fake snow, small toys, and scoops for sensory play.
  12. Marshmallow Snowmen: Stack marshmallows, use toothpicks for arms, and decorate with icing to create edible snowmen.
  13. Pinecone Wreaths: Glue pinecones onto a wire wreath frame, then add bows, berries, and ornaments for decoration.
  14. Winter Tree Silhouette Art: Paint a winter landscape on a canvas, then use black paper to create tree silhouettes.
  15. Snowy Handprint Art: Dip hands in white paint and press onto blue paper to make beautiful snowy handprint scenes.
  16. Ice Sculptures: Fill different-shaped containers with water and freeze them to create ice sculptures for display.
  17. Yarn-Wrapped Cardboard Snowflakes: Cut out snowflake shapes from cardboard and wrap them with colorful yarn.
  18. Evergreen Garland: Collect various green leaves, string them together, and hang them as a winter-themed garland.
  19. Paper Plate Penguin Craft: Paint paper plates to look like penguins, then add wings, beaks, and googly eyes.
  20. Salt Crystal Snowflakes: Dissolve salt in hot water, let it cool, then grow salt crystals on pipe cleaners shaped like snowflakes.

I hope you find these winter craft ideas helpful for your classroom activities!