20 Funny Debate Topics for Kids of All Ages

  1. Should ice cream be a breakfast food?
  2. Is it better to be a pirate or a ninja?
  3. Should homework be replaced with video games?
  4. Is it possible to tickle yourself?
  5. Should pets be allowed to attend school?
  6. Is it better to have a superhero power or a fairy tale power?
  7. Should sneakers be worn on formal occasions?
  8. Is it fair for parents to have a bedtime?
  9. Should veggies be disguised as candy?
  10. Is it better to have a pet dinosaur or a pet alien?
  11. Should water balloons be considered weapons of mass destruction?
  12. Is it better to have a talking animal or a talking object as a friend?
  13. Should birthdays be celebrated every day?
  14. Is it possible to learn how to fly by flapping arms?
  15. Should the tooth fairy be held legally responsible for lost teeth?
  16. Is it better to have a magical treehouse or a time-traveling spaceship?
  17. Should dessert always come before dinner?
  18. Is it better to be a bird or a fish?
  19. Should school subjects be taught by animals?
  20. Is it possible to laugh underwater?

These debate topics are sure to spark laughter and engaging discussions among kids of all ages. Have fun debating and may the funny arguments continue!