20 Graphing Activities For Kids That Really Raise the Bar


Graphing is an important skill that helps children understand and analyze data in a visual way. It not only enhances their math skills but also promotes critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. In this article, we have compiled 20 exciting graphing activities that will engage and challenge kids while raising the bar for their graphing skills. Let’s dive in!

  1. Bar Graph Race: Divide the class into teams and let them create bar graphs using different materials such as colored blocks or candies. The team that finishes first with an accurate graph wins the race!
  1. Nature Walk Graphing: Take children on a nature walk and ask them to collect objects like leaves, rocks, or flowers. Back in the classroom, have them sort and graph the objects based on color, size, or type.
  1. Picture Graph Puzzles: Create picture graph puzzles by cutting out different shapes from construction paper. Kids have to arrange the shapes to create a pictograph that conveys a hidden message or picture.
  1. Data Collection Scavenger Hunt: Organize a data collection scavenger hunt where children collect data on different topics like favorite colors, pets, or hobbies. Then, they create various graphs to represent their findings.
  1. Spin and Graph: Create a spinner with different categories such as animals, fruits, or sports. Have kids spin the spinner and graph the results using bar graphs or pictographs.
  1. Tally Mark Bingo: Play a game of bingo using tally marks. Kids mark the tally marks on their bingo cards based on the numbers called out. The first one to get a complete row wins!
  1. Shape Mosaics: Provide children with different colored construction papers and ask them to cut out shapes. Then, they create a mosaic by graphing the number of each shape used.
  1. Favorite Ice Cream Flavors: Survey the class and collect data on their favorite ice cream flavors. Kids can create a bar graph or a pie chart to showcase the results.
  1. Line Graph Race: Pair up children and give each pair a graph with missing data points. They have to work together to complete the graph accurately. The pair that finishes first wins the race!
  1. Temperature Graphing: Track the temperature each day for a week and have children graph the results. Discuss trends, highs, and lows to analyze the data.
  1. Fruit Salad Graph: Prepare a fruit salad with different fruits. Kids graph the number of each fruit in the salad and present their findings to the class.
  1. Sports Bar Graph: Choose different sports and have children create a bar graph comparing the popularity or skill level of each sport.
  1. Block Pattern Graphs: Using colored blocks, have kids create patterns and graph them using bar graphs or pictographs.
  1. Picture Sort: Provide children with a set of pictures representing different categories like animals, fruits, or vehicles. They have to sort and graph the pictures based on the categories.
  1. Time to Move: Ask children to perform different physical activities and time how long it takes them to complete each task. They can then graph the results and compare their timings.
  1. Class Polling: Conduct a poll in the classroom on a fun topic like favorite pizza toppings or preferred vacation destinations. Create a graph to showcase the class preferences.
  1. Money Math: Give children a set of pretend coins and ask them to graph the different ways they can make a dollar or any other specified amount.
  1. Daily Steps Graph: Have children wear pedometers for a week and track their daily steps. They can create line graphs to compare their steps each day.
  1. Musical Tally Marks: Play different songs and have children tally mark the number of times they hear their favorite instrument or specific word in each song. Graph the results.
  1. Venn Diagrams: Introduce Venn diagrams to children to compare and analyze different sets of data. They can create Venn diagrams based on various topics or class surveys.


These 20 graphing activities will provide children with hands-on experience in collecting, organizing, and representing data. By engaging in these activities, kids will not only strengthen their graphing skills but also develop a deeper understanding of data analysis. So, grab your pencils and get ready to raise the bar on graphing with these fun and educational activities!