20 Unbelievable Things You Can Do With Broken Crayons

Have you ever wondered what to do with all those broken crayons lying around? Instead of tossing them in the trash, why not get creative and repurpose them into something amazing? In this article, we will explore 20 unbelievable things you can do with broken crayons.

  1. Crayon Candles: Melt down your broken crayons and create colorful candles. Not only will they add a pop of color to your home decor, but they also make great gifts.
  2. Crayon Lip Balm: Mix melted crayons with beeswax and coconut oil to create your own custom lip balm. Get creative with different colors and flavors.
  3. Crayon Art: Use broken crayons to create beautiful abstract artwork. Arrange the crayon pieces on a canvas and use a hair dryer to melt them into a vibrant masterpiece.
  4. Crayon Rocks: Fill a silicone mold with melted crayons and let them solidify. The result? Adorable crayon rocks that can be used for drawing or as decorative pieces.
  5. Crayon Cakes: Add some color to your baked goods by stirring in crushed crayon pieces into your cake batter. The melted crayons will create a marbled effect, making your desserts look like works of art.
  6. Crayon Stained Glass: Create your own stained glass art by melting crayon shavings between sheets of wax paper. Cut them into shapes and hang them in your windows for a colorful display.
  7. Crayon Melt Art: Take a canvas and glue broken crayon pieces to the top. Use a heat gun to melt the crayons, creating a unique and vibrant artwork.
  8. Crayon Lipstick: Mix broken crayons with coconut oil and shea butter to create your own DIY lipstick. Experiment with different shades and create your own custom lip color.
  9. Crayon Dye: Add broken crayon pieces to melted wax, and use it to create your own custom candles. The colors from the crayons will create a beautiful marbled effect in the wax.
  10. Crayon Picture Frame: Decorate a plain picture frame by gluing broken crayon pieces around the edges. Use a hairdryer to melt the crayons and create a colorful border.
  11. Crayon Decorative Letters: Personalize your space by covering wooden or cardboard letters with melted crayons. Once solidified, you’ll have colorful and unique decorative pieces.
  12. Crayon Mobile: Attach melted crayon drips to a piece of string or fishing wire and hang them from a hanger or wooden dowel. Watch as the colors blend and create a mesmerizing mobile.
  13. Crayon Mosaic: Use broken crayons as mosaic tiles to create colorful patterns on canvas or wooden surfaces. Glue the crayon pieces in place and seal them for a long-lasting design.
  14. Crayon Paperweights: Melt crayon pieces in silicone molds to create fun and unique paperweights. They will not only keep your papers in place but also add a pop of color to your desk.
  15. Crayon Keychains: Embed small crayon pieces into a clear resin mold to create colorful keychains. They make great gifts or even a fun accessory for yourself.
  16. Crayon Ornaments: Melt crayon pieces inside clear plastic ornaments for a festive touch. The melted colors will swirl and create stunning patterns.
  17. Crayon Sun Catchers: Arrange broken crayon pieces on a sheet of wax paper and place it between two sheets of parchment paper. Iron the layers together until the crayons melt and create a beautiful sun catcher.
  18. Crayon Soap: Mix melted crayons with glycerin soap base and mold them into colorful soap bars. They will make bath time fun and exciting for kids and adults alike.
  19. Crayon Necklace: Drill a hole into a small piece of melted crayon and thread it onto a necklace chain. You’ll have a unique and colorful piece of jewelry that will surely make a statement.
  20. Crayon Wax Seals: Melt crayon pieces and use them to create personalized wax seals for letters and invitations. Not only will they add a touch of elegance, but they will also showcase your creativity.

Now that you know all the incredible things you can do with broken crayons, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start repurposing them. Get creative, have fun, and give those broken crayons a new lease on life!