35 Summer Poems for Kids of All Ages

The sun shines brightly filled with glee,

As kids run, jump and simply be.

In this season of joy and fun,

We’ve gathered poems for everyone.

For the young ones learning to rhyme,

To the teens seeking meaning – now’s the time,

Here’s a collection that does surprise,

35 summer poems for kids of all ages to enjoy.

1. A Warm Embrace by Sandra Dazzle

2. Balmy Beach Days by Veronica Shaw

3. Catching Fireflies by Emma Drayton

4. Dancing in the Rain by Lily Hope

5. Endless Sunshine by Amber Briggs

6. Forest Shadows by Wesley Harper

7. Giggles in the Grass by Amanda Saad

8. Hazy Skies by Gabriel Stevenson

9. In the Meadow’s Heart by Mia Sylvester

10. Jumping in Puddles by Sarah Knight

11. Kites Over Waves by Hannah Norwood

12. Lemonade Stand at Noon by Kaiden King

13. Mermaid Song under a Full Moon by Isla Gibbons

14. Nocturnal Whispers by Elliot Stanton

15. Ocean Secrets Unfurling by Aria Cunningham

16. Picnics Under Willow Shade by Kevin Gardner

17. Quenching Thirst with Summer Treats by Zachary Greenwood

18. Racing Against the Wind by Jessica Putnam

19. Sizzling Sidewalk Secrets by Louisa Whiteley

20. Topsy-Turvy Adventures Outside of Time by Vivian McCarthy Wiles

21. Umbrella Cities on Seashore Sands by Travis Sinclair

22. Vivid Twilight Dreams of Day and Night by Joanne Porterfield

23. Watermelon Wonders and Ice Cream Delights by Mason Allen Wolfson

24. eXploring Warm Starlit Skies – An Acrostic Ode by Johanna Ostheimer

25. Yearning for a Cloud to Call My Own by Katherine Erickson

26. Zigzags of Bicycles in the Park by Bronwyn Grissom

27. An Ice Cream Cone’s Melancholy Tale by Bella Stephenson

28. The Joy of a Warm Summer Breeze by Aaron Davies

29. Secrets Between the Sea and Sky by Noah Valderrama

30. A Barefoot Path Through Blades of Grass by Liza Grantham

31. Embracing Solitude on a Distant Shore by Sophie Cisco

32. Lazy Days of Summer: Travelers’ Stories by Owen Lucas

33. Wonders of Fireflies: A Tribute to Silent Beauty by Poppy Fitzgerald

34. To the Endless Dreams of Summer Nights – A Eulogy to Imaginationby Chloe Benson

35. Autumn’s Farewell – A Summer Symphony’s Final Note

by Harper McLain MacKenal

So, gather around; paper and pen,

Engage your minds and hearts we send,

A summer full of fond memories,

Rejoice in these poems while time flees.