5 Surprising Things You Can Do With Seesaw

Seesaw is not just a wooden play equipment commonly found in playgrounds; it is also a versatile teaching and learning platform that has gained popularity among educators, students, and parents. This digital portfolio app allows students to showcase their work, while teachers can provide real-time feedback and engage parents in the learning process.

But beyond its standard classroom functionalities, Seesaw offers a host of surprising features that can be super useful for both educators and learners. In this article, we’ll explore five of these unexpected perks:

1. Create Interactive Assignments: With Seesaw’s Activity Library, educators can design interactive assignments using multimedia components such as videos, images, and drawings. Customizing activities with creative tools like drawing tools, labels, voiceovers, links, and more enhances student engagement and facilitates the understanding of complex concepts.

2. Collaborate Globally: One of the lesser-known features of Seesaw is its ability to connect schools all around the world through the Global Collaborative Projects. Educators can partner with classrooms from different regions to share content and collaborate on assignments related to the culture, traditions, or environment of each participating class. This fosters cultural exchange and enables students to develop crucial teamwork skills.

3. Host Virtual Guest Speakers: Organizing guest speakers can be logistically challenging for many educators. However, with Seesaw’s digital platform, teachers can invite experts from various fields to record a video or leave a voice message discussing their area of expertise. Students have the opportunity to listen, engage with questions or comments on the shared content.

4. Develop Student Blogs: Encourage students to express themselves through writing by using Seesaw’s blogging feature. Teachers can create class blogs where students can publish their work; this includes stories, reflections, artwork and more for their peers to read and interact with online. Teachers have full control over what gets published, and the safe digital environment encourages even shy students to share their work and opinions.

5. Integrate with Virtual Reality (VR) Technology: When used in conjunction with other apps, Seesaw can help bring lessons to life! For instance, integrating Seesaw with apps like Google Expeditions allows students to explore virtual field trips and share their discoveries in a multimedia format on the seesaw platform. This immersive educational experience helps boost student engagement by facilitating a deeper understanding of subjects.

In conclusion, Seesaw’s versatility expands learning possibilities beyond traditional classroom walls. The platform provides a wide array of tools that encourage students to collaborate, create, and share their work while fostering connections with their peers globally. So, why not try some of these surprising features and take your teaching to the next level?