5 Unexpected Places to Put Your Google Home and Nest Devices for Best Results

Google Home and Nest devices have become increasingly popular as smart home technology advances. While most people place their devices in obvious areas like the living room or kitchen, there are several unexpected places you can put your Google Home and Nest devices for optimal results. In this article, we’ll explore five unique locations to get the most out of your smart home gadgets.

1. Bathroom

The bathroom might not be the first place you think of when placing a Google Home or Nest device, but it’s actually an ideal location. With a Google Home or Nest Mini, you can listen to music, news, or podcasts while getting ready in the morning or winding down in the evening. You can also set timers for showers, ask about the weather, and even control smart bathroom appliances, such as smart mirrors and lighting.

2. Garage

Placing a Google Home or Nest device in your garage offers several benefits. It’s an excellent way to control your smart garage door opener or check if it’s closed without having to head outside. Additionally, you can easily stream music while working on DIY projects or use voice commands to turn on and off garage lights.

3. Laundry Room

Transform your laundry room into a more productive space by adding a Google Home or Nest device. Set timers for washing cycles and receive reminders when it’s time to switch loads. Background music adds some entertainment while folding clothes, and you can also ask for stain removal tips or other helpful laundry information.

4. Outdoor Spaces

Bring your Google Home and Nest devices outdoors to enhance your patio or garden experience. Weather-resistant devices like the Nest Cam Outdoor or a third-party waterproof case for your device will allow you to enjoy music during barbecues, ask questions hands-free while gardening, and even monitor security footage.

5. Near Windows

Placing your Google Home and Nest devices near windows has several advantages. For one, it helps you see the best weather-related information available without having to look outside. Google Home devices can also act as a natural alarm by gradually increasing the volume of birdsong or your preferred wake-up sound in the morning. Additionally, pairing your device with smart blinds allows you to control them with voice commands for seamless sunlight management.

In conclusion, rethinking where you place your Google Home and Nest devices can greatly enhance their functionality and make your daily routines more enjoyable. From bathrooms to outdoor spaces, there are many unexpected locations that can optimize the performance of your smart home gadgets. Give these creative spots a try and see the difference for yourself!