7 Best Beaches Near Tallahassee, FL

Florida’s capital city, Tallahassee, is among the most popular tourist destinations in the state.

If you reside close by or are considering a trip to this amazing city, visit one of the many stunning coasts nearby.

The beaches close to this city are well-known for their sandy shorelines, glistening water, and enjoyable activities.

Peruse the top beaches close to Tallahassee, Florida, that I’ve hand-selected for you because I want to help you plan your ideal vacation.

  1. St. George Island State Park Beach

Dr. Julian G. Bruce’s St. George Island State Park contains St. George Island State Park Beach.

It is one of the most picturesque beaches in the state. This lovely beach stretches almost nine kilometers.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Visit St. George Island State Park Beach from Tallahassee for some of the most memorable weekend beach getaways.

This beach is best for a fun-filled activities day with your friends.

Kayaking, canoeing, swimming, tanning, boating, fishing, and beachcombing are all fun things you can do during the day.

Put a towel down on the smooth sand at night and gape in astonishment at the countless stars in the sky.

Expert Tip

For vacationers traveling with a person with a physical limitation, St. George Island State Park Beach is the ideal beach.

Rentable beach wheelchairs and floating wheelchairs are available along this stretch of shoreline, so your buddy may enjoy the refreshing ocean.

  1. St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge Beach — St. Marks

The beach in St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge is compact and serene.

It has a small area of white sand, spectacular ocean vistas, and backdrops of lush flora.

A 30-minute drive from Tallahassee, it is also the closest beach location.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Are you seeking a fantastic beach close to Tallahassee that is free from many people and vendors?

If so, St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge Beach is a fantastic choice.

This beach offers a tranquil day excursion where you may unwind on the sand, read a book, observe the calm waves, work on your tan, go birdwatching, and take in the sounds of nature.

Expert Tip

Spend time exploring St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge’s other areas before leaving.

Choose from a guided tour, hike through nature paths, see wildlife from a safe distance, and so much more in the area.

  1. Carrabelle Beach — Carrabelle

Carrabelle Beach is a local favorite for its simple accessibility, beautiful white sand shoreline, and numerous amenities.

Why We Recommend This Beach

For fast beach getaways from Tallahassee, I highly recommend Carrabelle Beach.

You may start enjoying your exciting holiday with your family, partner, or friends at Carrabelle Beach in less than an hour.

You can use several amenities at Carrabelle Beach to make your beach vacation enjoyable and stress-free.

Such as big parking places where you can easily park your car and covered picnic areas where you can relish your meals away from the sun and sand.

Expert Tip

The Crooked River Lighthouse is one of the top destinations close to Carrabelle Beach that you should take some time to see.

This lighthouse, which was constructed in the year 1875, is today a well-known Carrabelle historic landmark.

  1. Grayton Beach State Park — Santa Rosa Beach

Beachgoers looking for neighboring lake beaches will love the immaculate beach at Grayton Beach State Park.

It is situated on the edge of an ocean and a lake.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Visit Grayton Beach State Park near Tallahassee for one of the best beach getaways.

A boat ramp, picnic spots, and a host of other features are available for your use.

This stretch of shoreline faces the lake, making it the most kid-friendly and swimming-friendly beach.

The water is calm, shallow along the coast, and devoid of small rocks. There aren’t any big waves or currents either.

You can go for a leisurely swim, kayak, canoe, paddleboard, fish, work on your tan, assist your kids in creating sculptures out of the sweet sand, and so many other fun things here.

Expert Tip

Grayton Beach State Park offers rentals if you don’t want to bring large items like kayaks or canoes.

Along with renting water equipment, you can also rent life jackets for your children and yourself.

  1. Bald Point State Park Beach — Alligator Point

The Gulf of Mexico’s shores is home to the picture-perfect Bald Point State Park Beach.

It is a well-liked beach with its sparkling cerulean ocean, diamond-white sand, and endless entertaining activities.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Bald Point State Park Beach is breathtaking, providing you with the perfect location to enjoy soaking up the sun’s warmth and engaging in various activities in crystal-clear water.

Bald Point State Park Beach is a great option, so you don’t need to seek hard for beaches in Tallahassee.

You can go windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, sunbathing, and many other things with your vacation companions.

Expert Tip

Picnic pavilions are available for rent if you want to enjoy a picnic.

These, however, are scarce and available only on a first-come, first-served basis.

A spot can be secured by arriving earlier in the day.

  1. St. Joseph Peninsula State Park Beach — Port St. Joe

On Cape San Blas is a lovely sanctuary, St. Joseph Peninsula State Park Beach.

It features stunning coastal views, fluffy, soft sand, and clear water.

Why We Recommend This Beach

In the vicinity of Tallahassee, there are numerous beautiful beaches; St. Joseph Peninsula State Park Beach is one of the best.

It is a stunning shoreline where you may spend precious time with your significant other, friends, or family and make cherished memories.

Enjoy engaging in a variety of activities as a group.

Like tanning, having a beachside picnic, flying kites on its well-kept shoreline, boating, exploring the marine life’s magnificence with snorkeling or scuba diving, kayaking, canoeing, and many other enjoyable activities.

Expert Tip

Scallop Cove II is an on-site concession stand where you may purchase supplies if you don’t feel like bringing big stuff or realize you forgot something.

You can buy goods like ice-cold drinks, camping gear, delectable meals, fishing equipment, and more here.

Additionally, it rents bicycles, kayaks, and canoes.

  1. St. Andrews State Park Beach — Panama City Beach

One of the top beaches close to Tallahassee, Florida, St. Andrews State Park Beach attracts tens of thousands of beachgoers each year.

Why We Recommend This Beach

With your traveling companions, prepare for an unforgettable beach holiday at St. Andrews State Park Beach.

You may have a tonne of fun doing activities together along this lovely coastline, which is mesmerizing.

Spend quality time with your family and friends by participating in sports like boating, surfing, snorkeling, canoeing, kayaking, scuba diving, picnicking by the seaside while grilling juicy hamburgers, camping, and keeping an eye out for marine life like manatees and dolphins.

This beach also features conveniences like neighboring playgrounds to keep your kids occupied, a parking lot that is easily accessible, clean showers and facilities, etc.

Expert Tip

Before returning home, you must schedule a boat tour with St. Andrews State Park.

These boat cruises are the only way to reach Shell Island and one of the greatest ways to appreciate the park’s beauty.