8 Best Beaches Near Santa Monica, CA

Visit the several breathtaking beaches near Santa Monica to experience a memorable beach trip with your loved ones, friends, or significant other.

The beaches around this crowded coastal city are stunning, with a sun-drenched beachfront, dazzling cerulean ocean, breathtaking sunset sights, various on-site amenities, and unlimited recreational opportunities for everyone.

By doing the activities like surfing, relaxing in the sun, eating at a beachside restaurant, riding a bike along the seashore, and much more, you will have an unforgettable holiday for years to come.

Look through this list of the top beaches close to Santa Monica, CA, which I selected for you to make your ideal vacation a reality.

  1. Leo Carrillo State Park Beach — Malibu

Beach in Leo Carrillo State Park is an extensive, rocky coast area separated into many beach parts.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Consider visiting Leo Carrillo State Park Beach on weekend beach trips from Santa Monica.

There are several areas along this coastline where you may go surfing, relax by the water, have a leisurely swim, explore caves, and do many other things.

A lot of amenities are available at Leo Carrillo State Park Beach.

For example, there are attentive lifeguards on duty at all times, plenty of parking spots where you can easily find a place to put your car, and clean, well-kept restrooms and showers perfect for cleaning up after a long day.

Expert Tip

The North Beach region of this coastline is an ideal spot to visit if you are traveling with your children.

There is a vast sandy coastline where your children can play.

  1. El Matador Beach — Malibu

El Matador Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the state.

It has breathtaking stone caverns and arches and mesmerizing sunset views for beachgoers.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Do you want to take your special someone on a romantic getaway?

If so, El Matador Beach is the ideal shoreline for you.

This stunning coastline provides the perfect setting for spending quality time with your special one.

You can do fun activities like having a beachside picnic, taking in the breathtaking sunset, shooting photographs in the lovely caverns or beneath the magnificent stone arches, and much more.

Expert Tip

It will help if you put on aqua shoes when you go swimming.

On the seafloor, there are some stones and rocks that might injure your foot.

  1. Surfrider Beach — Malibu

With its spectacular ocean views, shimmering azure sea, and fine sand beachfront, Surfrider Beach is a famous coastline that visitors and residents love.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Surfrider Beach is in Malibu Lagoon State Beach.

With your traveling companions, have a wonderful day trip with fun activities.

Participating in a game of beach volleyball and exploring the splendor of the underwater world while snorkeling or scuba diving, surfing, fishing, and other sports are just a few of the things you may do here.

Expert Tip

Surfrider Beach offers a pier with a variety of freshly prepared food if you don’t feel like going through the trouble of preparing meals for your group.

  1. Venice Beach — Venice

The closest beach to Santa Monica is Venice Beach, which is only an 11-minute drive away.

It is a well-known beachfront with many facilities and entertainment options.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Enjoy your little beach trips from Santa Monica to beautiful Venice Beach.

With so many amenities at your convenience, it is the perfect beach place for you to have a relaxed and exciting weekend.

There are picnic tables where you can enjoy your meals away from the sand, paved bike paths, showers where you can wash up, convenient restrooms, and several attentive lifeguards.

Expert Tip

Beach wheelchairs are also available for rent at Venice Beach.

When you are taking a physically disabled person on a trip, it is the ideal solution.

  1. Cabrillo Beach — San Pedro

Due to its kid-friendly services and facilities, Cabrillo Beach is famous among families.

It has tall palm trees, a sapphire-blue sea, and sugar-white sand.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Cabrillo Beach is the most kid-friendly beach you can visit if you organize a family trip.

Cabrillo Beach is on the shores of the North Pacific Ocean and the Los Angeles Harbor.

This beach is best for swimming because the lifeguard-protected portion of the beach facing the harbor has calmer water free from excessive waves or currents.

If you want to try more exciting activities such as surfing, windsurfing, and scuba diving, you can choose to party in the area facing the sea.

Expert Tip

Visit the nearby Cabrillo Marine Aquarium before going home.

This aquarium is a famous tourist destination where you can learn about different marine life.

  1. Santa Monica State Beach — Santa Monica

Santa Monica State Beach has a world-famous coastline with a magnificent marina and numerous amenities.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Visit Santa Monica State Beach, one of the most popular beaches in the city, with your family, friends, or special ones.

You may participate in various activities along this pristine coastline, including playing a game of beach volleyball, surfing, sunbathing, building giant sandcastles with your children, boogie boarding, and much more.

While enjoying Santa Monica State Beach and its attractions to the utmost, don’t bother exploring lake beaches nearby.

Expert Tip

Don’t leave without taking a look at the fascinating pier of Santa Monica

A Ferris wheel ride, video games, an aquarium tour, and shopping for souvenirs are just a few fun activities.

  1. Manhattan Beach — Manhattan Beach

Near Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach is a lovely, relaxed beach stretching about two miles.

It has a white-sand beach, a lovely landscape, and stunning seaside views.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Are you looking for lovely beaches where you may take your friends on a memorable beach trip?

If so, I highly recommend you to visit Manhattan Beach.

Manhattan Beach is a beautiful and entertaining place for a great time with friends.

Spend a special day together while participating in activities like windsurfing, surfing, beach volleyball competitions, tanning, boogie boarding, body boarding, and more.

Expert Tip

The best place to surf is on Manhattan Beach’s northernmost end.

Taller waves may be found in this area, making it ideal for experienced surfers looking for a more difficult surfing environment.

  1. Hermosa Beach — Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach is one of the top beaches close to Santa Monica, California.

You can fully experience the beauties of this coastline is only a short 30-minute drive.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Visit Hermosa Beach from Santa Monica and have one of the most fantastic beach trips ever.

As you spend the day together along this pristine beach, make new memories with your traveling buddies.

Here, you can have fun, like taking photos of each other, swimming in the calm sea, playing beach volleyball, sunbathing, surfing, fishing, strolling along the pier, building sandcastles, and a tonne of other things.

Expert Tip

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This sophisticated Mexican restaurant serves delicious dishes and a variety of tasty alcoholic beverages.