Active Verb (Action Verb)


An active verb is a term in conventional English grammar for a verb used mainly to indicate an action, process, or sensation as opposed to a state of being. Also called dynamic verbaction verbactivity verb, or event verb.

In addition, the term active verb may refer to any verb used in a sentence in the active voice.

Examples and Observations

  • “Graham laughed giddily and skipped off down a hallway.”
    (John Green, The Fault in Our Stars. Dutton, 2012)
  • I often sing, hum and whistle but I would not do any of those things in the company of other people.”
    (Lyn Overall, Supporting Children’s Learning. SAGE, 2007)
  • Fighters using kung fu twirled, kicked, jumped, and punched with grace and skill through every life-threatening challenge, including dragons, sorcerers, assassins, and armies.”
    (Gark Zukav, Soul to Soul: Communications From the Heart. Free Press, 2007)