Best Online Tools for Dungeons & Dragons Enthusiasts


Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is a tabletop role-playing game that has captured the hearts of generations since its inception in 1974. With the rise of technology, players are finding it easier than ever to connect with fellow adventurers and bring their campaigns into the digital realm. Today, we’ll explore some of the best online tools that can enhance your D&D gaming experience.

1. Roll20

Roll20 is a popular virtual tabletop (VTT) platform that brings remote players together. With its user-friendly interface, Roll20 allows you to create and host your D&D campaigns online, complete with maps, character sheets, dice rolling, and voice chat capabilities. It also offers various features such as dynamic lighting and fog of war to keep your game immersive and engaging.

2. D&D Beyond

D&D Beyond is another essential tool for any D&D enthusiast. This website serves as an official digital companion to Dungeons & Dragons, offering access to digital books, character creation tools, character sheets, and a comprehensive rules repository. Its resources are not only helpful to both new and veteran players but also aid Dungeon Masters in planning and running their games smoothly.

3. Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds is another VTT option that caters specifically to D&D players. It provides in-depth campaign management tools like animated maps, NPC generators, encounter builders, and integrated rule databases. The platform is available on a subscription basis or as a one-time purchase and boasts a significant library of officially licensed D&D content.

4. World Anvil

World Anvil gives Dungeon Masters the freedom to create elaborate campaigns with ease. This world-building tool lets you design your unique storyline, craft detailed maps, develop NPCs/Creatures and even compile histories for your world’s inhabitants. Share your universe with your players or use it to collaborate with fellow DM’s to create truly epic adventures.

5. Inkarnate

Inkarnate is an intuitive map-making tool that allows Dungeon Masters to create custom maps from scratch or by using their vast library of pre-made templates. This platform caters to both beginners and advanced users, providing you with high-quality, representative visuals for your D&D campaigns.

6. Discord

Communication is key for any successful D&D session, and Discord offers excellent group chat functionality coupled with voice and video call features – allowing you and your party to stay connected when playing remotely. Many D&D communities have dedicated Discord servers where players can also find new friends, seek advice, and share their experiences.


In the wonderful world of Dungeons & Dragons, technology helps fuel the imagination and bridge the gap between players regardless of location constraints. Whether you’re looking for a virtual tabletop platform or tools to design your campaign, these online resources are sure to enhance your D&D experience. Happy adventuring!