Best Sources For Teacher Clipart (Including Lots of Free Options!)

When it comes to finding teacher clipart, it can be a challenge to locate the best sources, especially if you are looking for free options. But fear not, as I have compiled a list of the top sources for teacher clipart, including plenty of free choices!

  1. TeacherSherpa: TeacherSherpa offers a vast collection of teacher clipart suitable for various subjects, themes, and grade levels. You can find both free and premium options on their website.
  2. Teachers Pay Teachers: This popular online marketplace for educational resources also features a wide range of teacher clipart. Many sellers offer free clipart sets, so be sure to filter your search results accordingly.
  3. Openclipart: Openclipart is a fantastic resource for free teacher clipart. With its extensive collection of public domain images, you can find high-quality clipart for all your teaching needs.
  4. EduClips: EduClips provides an array of colorful and engaging clipart specifically designed for teachers. While some of their clipart sets are paid, they also offer freebies that you can download and use in your classroom projects.
  5. Pixabay: Pixabay is a treasure trove of free images and clipart, ideal for educators. With its large database of copyright-free resources, you can discover a wide variety of teacher clipart to enhance your materials.
  6. Classroom Clipart: Classroom Clipart offers a vast selection of clipart designed explicitly for educational purposes. While they do have a paid subscription option, they also provide a significant number of free clipart images for teachers.
  7. Microsoft Office Online: If you have a Microsoft Office subscription, make sure to check out their online clipart library. You can find a decent collection of clipart for educational use, all readily accessible through your account.
  1. Pinterest: Although not a dedicated clipart platform, Pinterest can be a valuable source for teacher clipart. Many talented educators and designers share their free clipart collections on Pinterest boards, making it worth exploring.
  2. Google Images (with proper filtering): When using Google Images, be sure to adjust the search settings to filter for “labeled for reuse” images. This way, you can find a teacher clipart that is free to use for educational purposes.
  3. Freepik: Freepik offers a wide range of free clipart resources suitable for teachers. While they have a premium subscription option, they also provide plenty of high-quality free clipart sets for educational use.

These sources should provide you with an excellent starting point for finding the best teacher clipart, including many free options. Remember to check the licensing terms for each clipart image you use and respect the copyright guidelines when necessary. Happy searching!