Check Out These 10 Fourth Grade Math Word Problems of the Day

  1. Tom has 15 apples. He gives 3 apples to his friend Joe. How many apples does Tom have now?
  2. Emily has 20 stickers. She gives 5 stickers to each of her 4 friends. How many stickers does Emily have left?
  3. There are 24 students in the classroom. If 10 students are absent, how many students are present?
  4. James has 18 pencils. He wants to share them equally among his 2 sisters. How many pencils will each sister get?
  5. Sarah has 32 marbles. She wants to divide them equally among her 8 friends. How many marbles will each friend get?
  6. A bakery made 48 cookies in the morning. If they sold 12 cookies in the first hour, how many cookies are left?
  7. There are 36 students in the school choir. If 15 students are boys, how many students are girls?
  8. Lisa has 25 toy cars. She wants to arrange them in groups of 5. How many groups will she have?
  9. A box contains 60 chocolates. If 20 chocolates are dark chocolate, how many chocolates are not dark chocolate?
  10. Tim saves $5 every week. After saving for 8 weeks, how much money does Tim have in total?

Remember to show your work and explain how you arrived at your answers.