Create Your Own Flexible Seating Book Stool


Flexible seating is a classroom concept that has recently gained popularity due to its numerous benefits. It provides an innovative learning environment, encourages creativity, and improves student focus and participation. This article will guide you through the steps needed to create your very own flexible seating book stool.

Materials Needed:

1. 3-5 hardcover books that vary in size

2. Adhesive (such as strong glue or velcro strips)

3. Durable fabric or cushion for seat padding

4. Scissors/vinyl cutter

5. Sewing materials (thread, needle or sewing machine)

6. Tape measure

7. Staple gun

Steps to Create Your Flexible Seating Book Stool:

1. First, gather your materials and ensure you have a clean workspace.

2. Stack the books from largest to smallest. This arrangement will provide a leveled sitting surface.

3. Apply adhesive of your choice between each book to firmly hold them together in a stack. You may use strong glue or secure velcro strips around the books’ edges.

4. Allow the adhesive to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Measure the dimensions of your largest book, which serves as the stool’s top surface.

6. Cut the durable fabric or cushion based on the book’s measurements while adding a few extra inches on each side for wrapping purposes.

7. Place the cut fabric or cushion onto the top book, ensuring even stacking for comfort and security.

8. Begin to sew along the edges of the material, stretching it tightly across all sides to prevent creases.

9. Secure the fabric onto the bottom edge of the top book using a staple gun.

10. Round off any excess fabric with scissors or leave a hemline if desired.

Your flexible seating book stool is now complete! Move this eye-catching piece of furniture around easily and enjoy reaping its benefits. Not only will this addition to your classroom stand out, but it also contributes to a relaxed learning environment that fosters creativity and engagement. Happy creating!