Demystifying Reddit Coins: Understanding and Utilizing this Virtual Currency


Reddit, the ever-popular social media platform that prides itself as the “front page of the Internet,” offers a unique feature known as Reddit Coins. These digital tokens allow users to support, encourage, and cheer up one another via virtual gifts. This article will serve as a helpful guide for understanding Reddit Coins, exploring how to get them, and learning how to use them effectively.

What are Reddit Coins?

Reddit Coins are a form of virtual currency exclusive to the Reddit platform. They allow you to reward or show appreciation to fellow community members by granting them premium award icons for their content or comments. These awards typically signify that the recipient has contributed something exceptional or valuable to a specific subreddit group or in an overall sense.

Acquiring Reddit Coins

Reddit Coins can be purchased through the site’s secure payment system. The following steps outline how to obtain these digital tokens:

1. Create or log in to your Reddit account.

2. Visit the “Get Reddit Coins” page found under your profile icon.

3. Select a coin package from the available options (100, 500, 1,800, 3,600, 12,000, or 40,000 coins).

4. Complete the transaction by providing your payment details via credit card or PayPal.

5. Your account will instantly reflect your new coin balance after a successful purchase.

Alternatively, you can earn Reddit Coins by receiving the “Gold” or “Platinum” awards on your posts or comments from other users who appreciate your contributions.

Using Reddit Coins

Now that you’ve acquired some coins let’s dive into using them effectively:

1. Awarding Posts and Comments: Browse through the subreddit community groups and find posts or comments that resonate with you in terms of quality or value. To award these users, simply click on the “give award” icon below their content or comment.

2. Choose an Award: Reddit offers three primary awards – Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Select the one you’d like to present the user with based on the value you see in their contribution. Note that it’s possible to award several uniform or diverse awards at once.

3. Add a Message: While presenting an award, you can choose to add a personal message or remain anonymous if you prefer.

4. Track your Awards: To see your history of given and received awards, check your profile overview by clicking on your username at the top of the website.


Reddit Coins offer users a unique way to positively engage with each other on the platform while simultaneously elevating high-quality content and valuable discussions. By utilizing these digital tokens effectively, you help build a supportive and inspiring online community that fosters creativity and understanding among its members.