Essay and Research Topics About Acquisition

Research Topics about Acquisition

  1. Improving Customer Acquisition Models through the Use of Spatial Autocorrelation at Various Granularity Levels
  2. Capital Planning for New Projects: Role of Auditing in Information Acquisition
  3. Costs of Managerial Discretion and Capital Acquisition: Evidence from Forced Warrant Exercise
  4. Managing Acquisition and Retention Spending for Firms With Limited Capacity
  5. Absorptive Capacity and Structural Congruence: The Binding Constraints on Technology Acquisition and the Underlying Issues
  6. Safe yet Delicate: Information Acquisition, Sponsor Support, and Shadow Bank Runs
  7. Trading, Foreign Direct Investment, or Acquisition: The Best Entry Strategies for Multinationals
  8. A Social Capital Approach to Knowledge Acquisition and the International Development of High-Tech Start-Ups
  9. Dating Before Marriage: Analysis of the Impact of Pre-acquisition Experience and Target Familiarity on Acquisition Outcome in the M&A as a Research and Development Type of Acquisition
  10. Picking the Right Target: Relative Inclinations for Resource Similarity and Complementarity in Acquisition Choice
  11. Rules for Making Decisions and the Best Information Acquisition Delegation
  12. Capacity Acquisition for the Single-Item Lot-Sizing Problem with Energy Constraints
  13. A New Empirical Methodology for Privatization, Foreign Acquisition, and Firm Performance
  14. Conditions for Hilter kilter Data Arrangements When Unions Give Procurement Choices and An expected level of effort
  15. The Democraticization of Capital Acquisition with the Earnings of Capital as a Means to Sustainable Growth
  16. Acquirer Valuation and Acquisition Choices: Using Short Interest to Find Mispricing
  17. Generalized Revelation Principle, Efficiency, Full Surplus Extraction, and Information Acquisition in Auction Design with Interdependent Valuations
  18. Abandoned Deals: The Electricity and Gas Industry’s Merger and Acquisition Process
  19. Monitoring Information Acquisition in Field Experiments on Attention Discrimination
  20. Acquisition of Soft Information and Bank Consolidation in Small Business Lending

  Acquisition Essay Titles

  1. Cross-Border Merger and Acquisition Premiums and the Investment Environment
  2. Managing Coordination and Autonomy in a High-Tech Firm During Post-Acquisition
  3. The Vendor’s Perspective in Cross-Border Outsourcing: Strategic Orientations, Knowledge Acquisition, and Firm Performance
  4. The Effects of National Economic Disparity on Cross-Border Acquisitions
  5. Market Entrance and Acquisition Techniques for Arising Economies
  6. The Role of Merger and Acquisition Activity in Spatial Clustering: The Spatial Development of the Financial Business
  7. Choosing Between Essential Choices: Risk Mergers and Acquisition
  8. Corporate Multinationalism and the International Acquisition Accounting Method: Evidence from Foreign Acquisitions
  9. Disagreement and the Education of Stock Returns: The Case of Acquisition Announcements
  10. Capital Structure Deviation and Acquisition Decisions
  11. Setting the Categorical Imperative in Context: Technology Focus, Resource Acquisition, and Category Linkages in Nanotechnology Entrepreneurship
  12. Overconfidence in CEOs and International Merger and Acquisition Activity
  13. Board Organization and Remedial Activity: Proof From Corporate Reactions to Bad Acquisition Bids
  14. Accounting and the State: Outcomes of Merger and Acquisition Accounting in the U.S. Hospital Industry
  15. Development and Land Acquisition in the Perspective of Law and Economics
  16. Contextualizing Pace and Performance of Cross-Border Acquisition : The Impact of Labor Market Flexibility and Efficiency
  17. The Cases of the United States, Italy, and Germany Relating to Bank Deregulation and Acquisition Activity
  18. Delegated Information Acquisition and Capital Planning: On the Division of Project Evaluation and Project Management
  19. Financial Establishments, Private Acquisition of Corporate Data, and Fund Management
  20. Budgeting for Customer Acquisition and Retention: Balancing Market Share Growth and Customer Profitability

 Research Questions about Acquisition

  1. Overseas Acquisition Versus Greenfield Foreign Investment: Which Internationalization Approach Is More Effective?
  2. Rumors and Pre-announcement Trading: Why Should Target Stocks Be Sold Prior to Acquisition Announcements?
  3. Acquisition Methodology for European Private and Public Target Companies: What Impacts the Discount Applied to the Valuation for Controlling Interests?
  4. Why Do Recently Listed Firms Become Acquisition Targets?
  5. When to Utilize the Expense, Equity, Proportionate Consolidation, and Acquisition Methods?
  6. How Do Mergers and Acquisition Influence Financial Performance?
  7. Why do Prediction Markets Work?: The Impact of Information Acquisition and Endogenous Weighting
  8. Does the Target’s Organizational Form Affect the Market’s Response to Acquisition Announcements?
  9. What Effect Does Distress Acquisition Incentivized by Government Purchases of Distressed Loans Has on Bank Default Risk?
  10. What Causes Businesses to Be Productive?: In-House Research and Development and External Knowledge Acquisition
  11. How Does Anticipated Employee Mobility Affect the Probability of Acquisition?
  12. Managing the Post-acquisition Integration Process: How do the Processes of Task Integration and Human Integration Interact to Promote Value Creation?
  13. When Obtaining Crown jewels Maintenance: Direct Selling versus Appointment Under CRM?
  14. Technology Acquisition and Organizational Capabilities: Why Do Companies Know Less Than They Purchase?
  15. What Drives Merger and Acquisition Activities in the Upstream Oil and Gas Sectors in the United States?
  16. M&A strategies: When Is Acquisition an Appropriate Growth Mode?
  17. The Use of Pricing and Advance Selling in Information Acquisition for Capacity Planning: When to Stop and Act?
  18. What Promotes and Prevents Mergers and Acquisitions?
  19. Acquirer Return and Acquisition Target Selection: Is Acquisition Experience Important?
  20. How Does Trouble Obtaining Boosted by Government Acquisition of Bothered Credits Influence Bank Default Chance?