Finite Verb Definition and Examples

A finite verb is a kind of verb that demonstrates agreement with a subject and is signaled for tense. Nonfinite verbs are not signaled for tense and do not demonstrate agreement with a subject.

A sentence must have a finite verb, even sentences that are not in the present or past tense. Finite verbs can be alone in a sentence or as a piece of a verb phrase. The finite verb is usually closest to the subject if there are multiple verbs in the sentence.

Examples of Finite Verbs in a Sentence

If you need further examples, take a look at the bolded finite verbs in the following sentences:

  • Emma played ball all summer with her friends.
  • Is Martin participating in the theater this year?
  • Jill worked late last night to make the due date.
  • Tim has a doctor’s appointment in July.
  • She looks terrific in her newest profile picture.
  • Orlando swims three times a week.
  • I cooked dinner last Thursday.
  • Shawna is a teacher.
  • We had a chemistry lesson yesterday.
  • Our study group worked really late last night.