How to Check if Your Nintendo Switch is Moddable


The modding community has always been a significant part of the gaming world. Many gamers enjoy customizing and enhancing their gaming experience by modifying their consoles, and the Nintendo Switch is no exception. However, before you dive into the realm of modding your Nintendo Switch, it’s essential to understand whether your console is modifiable or not. This article will guide you on how to check if your Nintendo Switch is moddable and what you need to know before venturing into the world of modding.

Step 1: Locate your Switch’s Serial Number

The first step in determining whether your Nintendo Switch is moddable or not is locating its serial number. You’ll find the serial number at the bottom of your console, just below the USB-C port. It starts with “XAW” or “XKW” followed by several other numbers.

Step 2: Check if Serial Number Falls into the Moddable Range

Certain serial numbers fall within a range that allows for modding. These ranges vary depending on whether you have the original Switch (prefix XAW) or the newer model (prefix XKW). Below are the known serial number ranges for potentially modifiable Nintendo Switch consoles:

– XAW1000000 to XAW1007500

– XAW7000000 to XAW7003000

– XKW1000000 to XKW1003000

If your Nintendo Switch has a serial number within any of these ranges, there’s a higher chance that it is moddable.

Step 3: Verify Using Online Tools

Although these serial number ranges provide a guide, they aren’t definitive proof that your console can be modified. To confirm further, use an online tool like “” to verify whether or not your specific Nintendo Switch is moddable. By inputting your serial number, these tools can provide you with more accurate results.

Step 4: Understand the Risks and Potential Consequences

Before attempting to mod your Nintendo Switch, it’s crucial to understand the risks and potential consequences associated with modifying your console. Tinkering with your Switch could void its warranty, lead to instability or loss of data, and even result in potential legal issues. Additionally, Nintendo is known for banning modified systems from accessing online services, which could limit your gaming experience. Always weigh the pros and cons before deciding to proceed with modding.


Determining whether your Nintendo Switch is moddable isn’t a complicated process. Simply locate your console’s serial number, check if it falls within the moddable range, and verify using an online tool like “” However, always be aware of the risks involved in console modding and make an informed decision on whether it’s worth pursuing for your gaming needs.