How To Deal When Your Principal Is a Jerk


Everyone encounters difficult people in their lives, and unfortunately, this can often extend to authority figures like bosses, coaches, and school principals. If you find yourself struggling with a principal who seems like a total jerk, it’s essential to develop strategies for dealing with them effectively. In this article, we will discuss some practical steps to cope with a difficult principal without jeopardizing your academic or professional future.

1. Maintain your cool

It’s important not to lose your temper when interacting with a difficult principal. Losing control can make the situation worse and provide more ammunition for the principal to use against you. Always be respectful and professional in your interactions, even when they aren’t returning the courtesy.

2. Document everything

Keep detailed records of any negative interactions, including dates, times, and witnesses to the incidents. Documenting the behavior can be crucial evidence if you need to take further action or file a complaint against the principal later on.

3. Seek support from other staff or students

Talk to teachers or other students who may have experienced similar issues with the principal. They might offer helpful advice or provide valuable support as you navigate through this challenging time.

4. Approach the situation assertively and professionally

If you feel ready to confront your principal about their behavior directly, do so assertively but professionally. Be specific about the issues you’re experiencing and express how it’s impacting your learning environment. Avoid attacking them personally; instead, focus on actions that need improvement.

5. Speak with a counselor or trusted teacher

Sometimes discussing your concerns with a school counselor or trusted teacher can provide valuable insights into dealing with the principal effectively. They may also provide guidance on taking further action if needed.

6. Know your rights

Familiarize yourself with your school’s policies on student rights and complaints so that you understand what is acceptable behavior from teachers and administrators. This knowledge will help you if you need to escalate the situation.

7. Involve your parents or guardians if necessary

If the principal’s behavior is seriously impacting your academic or emotional wellbeing, it might be time to bring your parents or guardians into the loop. They can provide additional support and advocate on your behalf when necessary.

8. Explore alternative options

If all else fails and the principal’s behavior continues to be detrimental to your education, consider seeking alternative educational options. This might include transferring to a different school or pursuing online schooling.


Dealing with a jerk of a principal can be incredibly challenging, but remember that you have rights and resources available to help you navigate the situation. Stay calm, document incidents, seek support from others, and consider involving your parents if needed. By taking a strategic approach, you’ll be better equipped to cope with this difficult situation while keeping your educational goals on track.