How to Use *57 to Trace a Phone Call


With the increasing number of spam calls and unwanted telemarketers, it’s essential for individuals to know how to protect themselves and trace suspicious phone calls. One of the methods to trace a phone call is by using the *57 feature. In this article, we will discuss what *57 is, how it works, and how you can use it effectively to trace phone calls.

What is *57?

*57, also known as “Call Trace,” is a telecommunication service that allows users to automatically trace the origin or location of an irritating or threatening phone call. This service works by identifying the phone number of the caller for further investigation or legal action.

How does *57 work?

When you receive an unwanted or harassing call, you can dial *57 after hanging up the call. This code sends a request to your telephone service provider to trace the origin of the last incoming call. The traced information is then stored and usually forwarded to your local law enforcement agency if necessary. It’s important to note that you must dial *57 immediately after receiving the unwanted call, as the information may not be accessible later.

Steps to use *57 to trace a phone call:

1. Answer the suspicious or harassing phone call, but do not engage with the caller.

2. Hang up on the caller after obtaining enough information for identification.

3. Lift your phone’s receiver and wait for a dial tone.

4. Dial *57 on your phone keypad.

5. Listen for confirmation that your call has been traced successfully.

6. Write down the date and time of the traced call for future reference.

Limitations of using *57:

Though *57 can be beneficial in tracing unwanted calls, there are some limitations:

1. It may not be available with all telephone service providers.

2. It may not work with some cell phones or VoIP services.

3. The service may incur a charge, depending on your phone plan.

4. Successfully tracing a call does not guarantee legal action will be taken.


Using *57 to trace unwanted phone calls is an effective way to identify and deal with harassing or threatening callers. By following the steps outlined above, you can gather important information about the caller’s identity and location. Keep in mind that this service may have limitations depending on your location and phone provider. Always consult your local law enforcement if you believe you are in danger or need assistance handling a harassing situation. Stay safe and stay informed!