Interesting Topics of Debate for Everyone

Every argument in which your kids engage does not have to be serious. You may be allowed to be creative and enjoy the process of engaging in a discussion on an interesting or humorous issue.

However, just because the topic of discussion is more humorous does not absolve you of the need to prepare. If you don’t want to lose face, you’ll need to pick a debate topic and come up with arguments.

Here are some amusing and intriguing subjects to consider:

  • Is it true that celebrities serve as good role models? Or should they not exist?
  • Can music and art in the classroom help pupils cope with stress?
  • Is it preferable to daydream or dream at night?
  • What are the benefits of extracurricular clubs and activities in school?
  • Should homework be abolished? Should it be expelled from school?
  • What is the finest television program ever made?
  • Should elementary school students be allowed to watch television?
  • What kind of toppings should be on every pizza? (In addition to cheese or sauce)
  • Should we close all of the world’s zoos?
  • Should schools cease categorizing pupils based on their intellectual level?
  • Are superheroes deceptive role models?
  • Should pupils be permitted to work while in school?
  • Should social media be blocked in schools?
  • Was the birth of our planet a natural occurrence in the universe? Or was it the work of a greater power?
  • Should pupils be permitted to leave the school during lunch?
  • Should minors be treated as adults?
  • Which was more authentic, ninjas or pirates?
  • What are the advantages of being a woman?
  • What are the advantages of being a man?
  • Should people live together before getting married?
  • Are there hidden meanings in popular nursery rhymes?
  • Is peer pressure helpful or harmful?
  • Should smartphones be permitted in school?
  • Should fast food be included as an option on the school lunch menu?
  • Are we overly reliant on computers and other technological devices?
  • Should online attendance be available at all schools?
  • Should parents buy war and violence-related toys for their children, such as guns and knives?
  • Should animal dissections be banned in schools?
  • What is nuclear energy, and how does it affect our society and environment?
  • Is human cloning a genuine thing? Should it be permitted?
  • Should human thoughts be transferred to computers?
  • What role does literature play in the development of our personalities?
  • Should sexual education begin in middle school or later?
  • Is there a life after death?