Ohio House passes CAMPUS Act

COLUMBUS, OH – In a significant development for the Buckeye State’s higher education system, the Ohio House of Representatives has passed the College Affordability and Mental Health Support Act, or CAMPUS Act. The bill aims to improve the affordability and accessibility of higher education institutions in Ohio while also providing support for mental health services on campus.

The CAMPUS Act, which was introduced in February, is a comprehensive bill that addresses several key issues facing Ohio’s higher education system. The legislation includes several provisions aimed at increasing affordability, including capping the maximum amount of room and board allowed for tuition purposes at public colleges and universities. This change is expected to save Ohio students millions of dollars in tuition costs over the next five years.

The bill also includes provisions aimed at promoting mental health support on campus. The CAMPUS Act requires all public colleges and universities in Ohio to develop and implement a comprehensive mental health support plan, which will include resources such as counseling services, crisis response plans, and campus-wide awareness campaigns.

The Ohio House’s passage of the CAMPUS Act marks a significant milestone in the legislation’s journey to becoming law. The bill will now move to the Ohio Senate, where it will be considered and potentially amended before returning to the House for final approval.

According to Representative Rick Gianfagna, the primary sponsor of the bill, the CAMPUS Act is a critical step towards making Ohio’s higher education system more accessible and affordable for all students. “The CAMPUS Act is a common-sense solution that addresses the pressing issues facing Ohio’s higher education system,” said Gianfagna. “By making college more affordable and providing mental health support on campus, we can help ensure that Ohio students have the opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential.”