Online Apps and Websites to Teach About Financial Literacy

When it comes to learning about financial literacy, there are several online apps and websites that can be highly beneficial. These platforms offer a variety of educational resources to help individuals gain knowledge and skills in managing their finances effectively. Here are some notable apps and websites that can assist in teaching financial literacy:

  1. Mint ( Mint is a popular app that provides users with a comprehensive overview of their financial situation. It allows you to track your expenses, create budgets, and monitor your savings goals. Mint also offers educational articles and tips on various personal finance topics.
  2. Khan Academy ( Khan Academy is a well-known educational platform that offers free online courses on a wide range of subjects, including personal finance. Their finance lessons cover topics such as budgeting, investing, credit cards, and more. The content is presented in a user-friendly manner, making it easy for beginners to understand.
  3. Investopedia ( Investopedia is a comprehensive resource for individuals looking to learn about investing and personal finance. It provides a wide range of articles, tutorials, and videos on various financial topics. Investopedia also offers a simulated trading platform where users can practice investing strategies without risking real money.
  4. PocketGuard ( PocketGuard is an app that helps users track their spending and manage their budgets. It provides real-time updates on your financial situation and offers suggestions on how to save money. PocketGuard also has a feature that analyzes your bills and subscriptions, helping you identify potential savings opportunities.
  5. ( is an official U.S. government website that offers resources for improving financial literacy. It covers topics such as banking, credit, homeownership, and more. provides educational tools, calculators, and resources for individuals at different stages of their financial journey.
  6. Acorns ( Acorns is an investment app that helps users save and invest their spare change automatically. It rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and invests the difference. Acorns also provides educational content on investing and basic financial concepts.

These are just a few examples of the many online apps and websites available to teach financial literacy. Each platform has its own unique features and resources, so it’s important to explore them to find the ones that best suit your learning needs. Remember to take advantage of these online tools to enhance your financial knowledge and make informed decisions about your money.