TEACHER QUIZ: Which Harry Potter Teacher Are You?


Have you ever wondered which teacher from the magical world of Harry Potter you resemble the most? Take this fun quiz to find out! Answer a series of questions, and at the end, you’ll know which character from the Hogwarts faculty is your kindred spirit.

Question 1: Which subject are you most passionate about?

(a) Potions

(b) Charms

(c) Defense Against the Dark Arts

(d) Transfiguration

(e) Herbology

(f) Divination

(g) Care of Magical Creatures

Question 2: How do you handle difficult students?

(a) Set clear rules and consequences

(b) Motivate and encourage them

(c) Use humor to diffuse tense situations

(d) Show tough love and push them to excel

(e) Be patient and give them extra attention

(f) Trust their instincts and intuition

(g) Connect with them on a personal level

Question 3: What is your preferred teaching style?

(a) Structured and follow curriculum closely

(b) Engaging and interactive

(c) Experimental and hands-on

(d) Encourage independent thinking

(e) Encourage teamwork and collaboration

(f) Intuitive and unconventional

(g) Adapt to students’ individual needs

Question 4: How do you handle a challenging wizarding duel?

(a) Use cunning and strategy

(b) Swiftly disarm and incapacitate your opponent

(c) Use hexes and curses sparingly

(d) Transform the battlefield to your advantage

(e) Use defensive spells and shields

(f) Trust your instincts and let the magic guide you

(g) Call upon magical creatures for assistance

Question 5: What is your greatest strength as a teacher?

(a) Deep knowledge and expertise in your subject

(b) Charismatic and inspiring personality

(c) Willingness to take risks and try new approaches

(d) Encouraging students to think for themselves

(e) Exceptional patience and understanding

(f) Ability to tap into unseen forces and foresee the future

(g) Adaptability to different learning styles


Based on your answers, here’s the Harry Potter teacher you resemble the most:

– If you mostly answered (a), you are most like Severus Snape! His expertise in Potions and sharp intellect align with your own.

– If you mostly answered (b), you are most like Professor Flitwick! Your charismatic and inspiring nature makes you a natural fit for the Charms classroom.

– If you mostly answered (c), you are most like Professor Lupin! Your experimental and hands-on teaching style resonates with his approach to Defense Against the Dark Arts.

– If you mostly answered (d), you are most like Professor McGonagall! Your ability to push students to excel and encourage independent thinking is reflective of her Transfiguration class.

– If you mostly answered (e), you are most like Professor Sprout! Your exceptional patience and care for your student’s needs align with her teaching style in Herbology.

– If you mostly answered (f), you are most like Professor Trelawney! Your intuitive and unconventional teaching style relates to her Divination class.

– If you mostly answered (g), you are most like Hagrid! Your adaptability to different learning styles and connection with magical creatures make you similar to Hogwarts’ Care of Magical Creatures professor.


Now that you know which Harry Potter teacher you resemble the most, embrace your inner wizard and explore more about your character. Whether you’re a Snape, Flitwick, Lupin, McGonagall, Sprout, Trelawney, or Hagrid, there’s a unique magic within you waiting to be discovered!