The 10 Best Family Resorts in Bermuda

Considering taking your family to Bermuda?

Many family-friendly resorts and hotels in Bermuda are ideal for your upcoming family holiday if you’re wondering where to stay with your family.

Many top-notch Bermuda resorts provide all-inclusive packages, allowing you and your family to take care of your needs without burdening about going over budget.

Here are the top 10 family-friendly resorts in Bermuda, along with a list of their offers.

  1. Fairmont Southampton

The Fairmont Southampton is one of Bermuda’s top family-friendly hotels, offering 5-star resort accommodations and luxury on the South Shore.

The resort is extensive, having ten distinct on-site dining options that welcome kids under 5 for free.

There are many things to do, such as a sizable golf course, a spa, and a sizable pool.

There is a small pool for children, daily activities, games, and their exclusive Explorers Camp Club.

The Fairmont offers a free shuttle that will transport you directly to the seashore, where there is more to see.

  1. Elbow Beach Bermuda

If spending time on a beach enjoying the sun and water is part of your ideal Bermuda vacation, Elbow Beach should be your first pick. It is one of Bermuda’s private beaches.

Huge suites for families are available throughout the resort, and each one comes equipped with a kitchenette, a smart TV, free wi-fi, and room service.

They provide unique activity activities for children during the summer.

Four fantastic on-site dining establishments welcome both children and adults. Of course, there is also a guarded pool, and there is much to do nearby if the kids become restless.

  1. Hamilton Princess & Beach Club

Consider the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club while seeking a family-friendly and all-inclusive resort.

The Hamilton boasts a sizable infinity pool, themed dinners and activities appropriate for children and adults, excellent on-site dining options, and enough to see and do around the resort.

The Club makes a lot of effort to make the stay worthwhile for children by including amenities like free wi-fi, laundry services, towels, robes, and pillow chocolates during your visit.

Anyone younger than five eats for free!

  1. The Rosewood Bermuda

If you’re looking for luxury combined with a great experience that seems a little closer to home, The Rosewood Bermuda is a terrific family-friendly Bermuda resort alternative.

Numerous sports, including tennis and golf, are available, with additional instruction for kids and parents just learning.

The Rosewood also has a fantastic on-site spa and several dining establishments with kid-friendly menus.

The resort’s kid-friendly club is monitored and run and offers everything from culinary lessons to crafts, making it one of the best Bermuda resorts for families.

Babysitting is an option for parents with younger children to enjoy the resort’s other amenities.

  1. Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa

With active kids, Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa is a fantastic place to stay.

In addition to a restaurant on-site, a spa on-site that serves both adults and children, and special events like pizza parties for kids, the resort has a large pool that is kid-friendly.

Their all-inclusive package includes everything you could need for a family vacation, including a complimentary shuttle to get you everywhere on the resort and meals included in your stay.

Families will like staying at this hotel in Bermuda because of the water slides near the pool.

On the beach, older children and teenagers can also take snorkeling lessons.

  1. Coco Reef Resort

Out of the more sedate choices for a family-friendly hotel in Bermuda is Coco Reef Resort, but there are times when this is what you want in a resort.

The seashore offers a lot to do and is always worth exploring, so our kids spent most of our trip there.

The stay includes perks like complimentary wifi, laundry services, and mini-fridges in each room.

  1. The Reefs Resort & Club

Depending on the size of the family and the level of privacy required, The Reef’s Resort & Club provides a variety of family suite alternatives.

The Reef’s Resort is an excellent place to stay since it has a variety of on-site eateries that will satisfy even picky diners and because you can rent several types of equipment (such as fishing or snorkeling gear) from the front desk.

One with infants or toddlers can use the free babysitting service, and breakfast is in the package.

  1. Pompano Beach Club

Both children and adults will find enough to do at the Pompano Beach Club.

While parents are likely to spend their time in one of the three on-site restaurants, at the pool, or the spa, children may gravitate more toward the games room.

There is also a kid-friendly pool for little ones, and if you want even more activities at the resort, you may rent kayaks in the summer.

  1. Fourways Inn

When traveling with young children, The Fourways Inn is a fantastic family-friendly hotel.

They offer access to both the coastline and lovely gardens.

A complimentary breakfast is available, and if you and the kids decide to stay a little longer, other facilities like a babysitting service and laundry are available.

You can access a local golf course and many more fantastic restaurants and bars by traveling just outside the property.

  1. Rosedon Hotel

If you want to be close to everything else there is to see in and around Bermuda, Rosedon Hotel is a terrific option for a luxurious stay.

They provide a variety of extras that are perfect for keeping youngsters amused, like equipment rental at the front desk and breakfast (free) in your room each morning. They also feature a sizable, spectacular outdoor pool that is also kid-friendly.

Free Wi-Fi, additional parking, room service, laundry facilities, and air conditioning are all included in the price, which adds to the allure of the Rosedon’s beautiful view of Hamilton Harbor.