The 22 Best Preschool Songs for Rest Time

In the busy life of a preschooler, providing regular rest times with calming music can make a significant difference in their day-to-day learning and growth. Not only does it relax their mind, but it also helps them recharge and refocus for the remainder of the day. This specially curated list of 22 best preschool songs is perfect for rest times, ensuring your little ones unwind and relax.

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – An all-time favorite lullaby that has a soothing melody, calming both children and adults.

2. Rock-a-Bye Baby – The evergreen lullaby that has been sung to pacify children for generations.

3. The Itsy Bitsy Spider – A fun tune that engages children in a gentle sing-along during rest time.

4. Lavender’s Blue – A traditional English nursery rhyme that transports children to a peaceful countryside setting.

5. You Are My Sunshine – A beautiful song celebrating love and filled with uplifting lyrics.

6. Hush Little Baby – A classic American lullaby that creates a serene atmosphere.

7. Somewhere Over the Rainbow – This iconic song from The Wizard of Oz captures the essence of hope and dreams, perfect to drift off into relaxation.

8. Puff the Magic Dragon – A sweet melody unveiling an enchanting story about childhood friendships.

9. Row, Row, Row Your Boat – With its repetitive melody, this song has a calming effect on restless little minds.

10. Braham’s Lullaby – One of the most famous and recognizable melodies composed by Johannes Brahms, ideal to create a tranquil environment for sleep or relaxation time.

11. Golden Slumbers – An English lullaby sung softly to kids to soothe their nerves during quiet time or before sleep.

12. I’m a Little Teapot – A fun nursery rhyme perfect for engaging children in relaxed play.

13. Little Boy Blue – A gentle melody with encouraging lyrics to help children calm down and rest.

14. Mary Had a Little Lamb – A calming song that teaches about love, innocence, and companionship, perfect for rest time.

15. Three Little Birds – Bob Marley’s enduring anthem that reassures children with its positive lyrics and engaging melody.

16. Goodnight Moon – This lullaby takes children on a trip through the night sky, creating a soothing environment for winding down.

17. All the Pretty Horses – An American lullaby featuring delicate vocals and a mesmerizing melody.

18. Here Comes the Sun – The iconic song by The Beatles celebrates sunlight and new beginnings with a delightful tune.

19. Baby Beluga – Raffi’s endearing melody about a playful baby whale encourages relaxation with its gentle rhythm.

20. Edelweiss – The popular song from The Sound of Music evokes calm and peace, perfect for preschool rest time.

21. When You Wish Upon A Star – The classic Disney piece that inspires magic and enchantment amidst tranquil moments.

22. Sleep Tight – A soft lullaby sung by many parents as part of their child’s bedtime routine, ushering them into a dreamy rest time atmosphere.

These 22 songs are an ideal compilation to help your preschoolers relax during their much-needed rest periods. Make sure that your little ones have an opportunity to unwind and recharge each day by incorporating these tunes into their daily routines, ultimately contributing to happier, well-adjusted children.