The Official Faculty Meeting Bingo Card


Faculty meetings are a staple in the world of academia. They bring together professors, administrators, and other staff members to discuss important school matters, plan for upcoming events, and keep everyone informed about school policies. However, as any faculty member knows, these meetings can sometimes feel a bit tedious and repetitive. Enter the Official Faculty Meeting Bingo Card—a playful way to add some much-needed excitement and entertainment to long, drawn-out meetings.

The Idea Behind the Bingo Card:

The concept of the Official Faculty Meeting Bingo Card is simple: it takes elements of traditional bingo and combines them with elements commonly found in faculty meetings. Instead of numbers and letters on each square, you’ll find phrases, scenarios, or actions that are frequently observed during these gatherings. Participants mark off squares as they encounter these typical occurrences throughout the meeting.

Popular Squares on the Card:

1. “Technology Issues” — It’s rare for a faculty meeting to proceed without some kind of technology problem arising. Whether it’s a malfunctioning projector or poor audio quality during a video conference call, this square is almost always guaranteed to be checked off.

2. “Budget Concerns” — Financial constraints often color discussions at faculty meetings. From hiring new staff members to allocating resources for special projects or programs, money matters usually make an appearance on the agenda.

3. “Jargon Overload” — At any given faculty meeting, there’s a high likelihood of being bombarded with an array of educational buzzwords and jargon that might be confusing or unclear. Some popular contenders include “rubric,” “curriculum mapping,” or “backward design.”

4. “Off-Topic Debate” — Sometimes faculty members can get carried away in conversation and deviate from the main topic at hand. It’s not uncommon for debates about seemingly unrelated subjects to crop up during discussions.

5. “Free Space” — This space encourages participants to mark one square at their discretion, just as in traditional bingo cards. Faculty members can choose a moment that resonates with their personal experiences or represents something unique about their institution.

The Benefits of Faculty Meeting Bingo:

While the Official Faculty Meeting Bingo Card is lighthearted and entertaining, it also serves a valuable purpose. It encourages faculty members to actively listen and engage with their peers during meetings. By nurturing a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition amongst colleagues, the game can help alleviate some of the boredom and frustration associated with lengthy meetings.


The Official Faculty Meeting Bingo Card adds a touch of fun to the often-monotonous process of sitting through a long meeting. By integrating this playful activity into faculty gatherings, attendees can boost morale, promote active listening, and perhaps even learn something new in the process. Just remember to play responsibly, be respectful to your colleagues, and most importantly—enjoy the game!