The Ultimate Checklist for 3rd Grade Classroom Supplies

As the new school year approaches, it’s important for teachers and parents to be prepared with the necessary classroom supplies. To help you get organized, we have created the ultimate checklist for 3rd-grade classroom supplies. With this checklist in hand, you can ensure that your students have everything they need for a successful school year.

  1. Pencils: Make sure to have plenty of pencils in your classroom. Sharpened pencils are preferred, but having a pencil sharpener available is also a good idea.
  2. Erasers: Alongside the pencils, provide your students with erasers. This will allow them to easily correct any mistakes without frustration.
  3. Pens: In addition to pencils, consider having pens available for certain assignments or activities that require them.
  4. Notebooks: Each student should have their own notebook for taking notes, completing assignments, and organizing their work.
  5. Loose-leaf paper: Provide your students with loose-leaf paper for assignments that require it, such as worksheets or essays.
  6. Binders: Consider having binders available for students to organize their loose-leaf papers, handouts, and other materials.
  7. Highlighters: Help your students highlight important information by providing them with a variety of highlighter colors.
  8. Glue sticks: Have glue sticks on hand for art projects and other activities that require sticking materials together.
  9. Scissors: Provide each student with a pair of child-safe scissors for cutting out shapes, pictures, and other materials.
  10. Rulers: Make sure your students have rulers available for measuring and drawing straight lines.
  11. Crayons: Encourage creativity by supplying your students with a set of crayons for coloring and drawing.
  12. Colored pencils: Alongside crayons, provide colored pencils for more detailed coloring and drawing.
  13. Markers: Have a variety of markers available for posters, art projects, and other colorful activities.
  14. Math manipulatives: Include math manipulatives such as counters, base-ten blocks, and geometric shapes for hands-on learning.
  15. Storage containers: Keep your classroom organized by providing storage containers for students to keep their supplies and materials.
  16. Classroom library books: Have a selection of age-appropriate books available for your students to read during independent reading time.
  17. Whiteboard markers: Ensure that your whiteboard is always ready for use by having a supply of whiteboard markers available.
  18. Tissues: Maintain a healthy and clean classroom environment by providing tissues for students to use when needed.
  19. Hand sanitizer: Promote good hygiene and prevent the spread of germs by having hand sanitizer readily available.
  1. Disinfectant wipes: Keep surfaces clean and sanitized with a supply of disinfectant wipes.

By following this ultimate checklist for 3rd-grade classroom supplies, you can set your students up for a successful and organized school year. Remember to regularly check and replenish your supplies throughout the year to ensure that your students always have what they need.