Tips for Parents of Law School Applicants

As a parent of a child who is applying to law school, it can be challenging to know how to best support and guide your student through the application process. Here are some tips for parents on supporting their child applying to law school:

1. Do your research: As a parent, it is essential to research law school admission requirements, rankings, and application deadlines. Please encourage your child to research law schools and attend law school fairs, open houses, and other events to get a better understanding of the schools they are interested in.

2. Provide emotional support: The law school application process can be overwhelming and stressful for your child. Be available to offer emotional support, encouragement, and reassurance throughout the process. Make sure your child feels heard and understood.

3. Help with application fees: Law school application fees can be expensive. If possible, offer to help with the fees or take a look at scholarship opportunities.

4. Help with the personal statement: Encourage your child to have multiple people review their personal statement, including teachers, other parents, and family friends. Offer constructive criticism and feedback to help them in their writing process.

5. Offer insight about law school: Talk to your child about what law school is really like, what it entails and some of the expectations from peers and faculty members.

6. Be supportive: Keep a positive attitude about law school and have confidence in your child’s ability to succeed. Your encouragement and support will help them feel more confident about the application process and beyond.

In conclusion, as the parent of a child applying to law school, your guidance and support can play a significant role in helping your child succeed. With the right tools and resources, your child can navigate the application process with ease and confidence. The key is to be available, supportive, and provide the necessary resources to help them succeed.