Useful YouTube Channels to Improve Middle School Lessons

Teaching in middle school can be quite a challenge. At this stage, students are right between childhood and adolescence. Therefore, it is often difficult to command their attention in the classroom and help them understand difficult topics. Fortunately, YouTube has several channels that may help your students learn as well as help you educate them through those “awkward years.”


Contrary to the belief that most content on TED is primarily directed at adults, the channel has valuable content for every age group. The content is interactive and helps students learn anything from history to science and emotional well-being.


Middle school students will find the Kid President show on this channel very interesting, with its inspiring and adorable host. The charismatic host gives motivating speeches on helping others, making friends, and taking a stand.

The Brain Scoop

The channel is hosted by YouTube star Emily Graslie who is the Chief Curiosity Correspondent. Emily easily captures your attention with her pleasant demeanor as she teaches kids all about science. Since most middle-schoolers find the topics covered to be fun, the channel is as entertaining as it is informative.


This is an interesting channel for learning certain concepts for kids, tweens, and even adults. The channel is excellent for teaching difficult topics with respect and understanding. However, be warned the channel does feature some controversial topics.


Primarily a science-based channel, SciShow discusses various scientific fields ranging from astronomy to biology. A lot of the videos are excellent for middle school students, although if you’re in search of lower-level material for struggling students, check out the SciShow kids’ version.

Minute Physics

This channel is for you if you’re looking for material to incorporate into your lesson plan. With short and compact videos that deliver information in a meaningful way, you can easily add them to your lesson plan.

Good Mythical Morning

The creators of this channel lean heavily on comedy to deliver information. Not only do they sing silly songs and tell jokes, but they also encourage curiosity as they explore various topics.

Coma Niddy

Middle school kids are on the verge of joining society as young adults. At this point, they get into music and pop culture. Comma Niddy is a nerdy rapper that explores scientific topics through rap; the videos will have students remembering the topics for years.

It’s Okay to Be Smart 

For science teachers in middle school, this is an amazing channel to show your students that it’s pretty cool to be smart. The host, Dr. Joe Hanson, urges viewers to enjoy the pleasure of finding things out.

Too Cool For Middle School

The channel is hosted by a middle school teacher with a passion for lesson planning. While you may not include the videos in your lessons, it offers useful tips on how to structure and pace your lessons.

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, middle school can be undoubtedly tough. However, with the above YouTube channels, your time in middle school can be a bit more exciting and informative.