When a School’s IT Faces AI Automation

AI in schools has provoked plenty of speculation among educators about the implications for its use. Educators and administrators have long debated whether AI could ever automate their jobs, forcing educators to find other careers.

Could artificial intelligence automate school IT, and, if so, what happens to those jobs?

It’s already happening, and schools are preparing learners to develop more artificial intelligence automation, but that doesn’t mean you will be laid off.

Artificial Intelligence Automation Already Works Behind the Scenes

IT departments have long incorporated artificial intelligence automation in schools. Automated tech has, for example, brought about personalized learning. Learners engage in individualized lessons and artificial intelligence programs aid educators in identifying and diagnosing learning difficulties among learners. The result is more efficient instruction delivered to match the learner’s instructional pace.

For example, the department can establish a helpdesk in which every service ticket follows an organized workflow. Chatbots have streamlined the process by moving tickets up and down the queue based on seriousness. They also work 24/7, unlike a human IT department.

The result is a more efficient system that allows people to focus on other tasks.

Preparing Learners and Schools for Innovation

You may know teachers who are in denial about the acceptance of technological advances. Still, schools are embracing the potential of artificial intelligence automation by encouraging students to learn new automation technologies themselves. Lambda Schools, for example, positions their learners for hire in high-paying tech jobs after completing rigorous, hands-on classes.

Lambda School isn’t a physical place; learners access their classes online and participate in internships. Learners are ready to work by the time they graduate, and the learners learning how to make artificial intelligence today may be rebuilding your school’s IT programs tomorrow. 

Keep your IT job – for now

Ignore artificial intelligence automation advances in schools – or any other industry, for that matter — and you may find that artificial intelligence automation has indeed left you behind. 

Artificial intelligence automation will replace repetitive and tedious tasks, leaving you more time for strategic thinking. Although your job has become redefined or disappeared altogether, new opportunities will arise.

Leverage these opportunities by becoming an artificial intelligence automation advocate for school IT with savvy strategies like these:

Artificial intelligence automation will only be as good as the people designing and implementing it. That means learning how to innovate artificial intelligence automation and influence decisions. By leading with a vision, you become an indispensable member of the school’s IT squad.

Innovation is scary unless you are kept in the loop. By embracing new tech and becoming an artificial intelligence automation subject matter expert, you’ll find it less scary than you initially thought. You’ll also build your reputation and position yourself for advancement.

Artificial intelligence automation will make opportunities in new jobs, most of which have not yet been invented. Your duties and job title may change, but tech advocates are indispensable. Artificial intelligence automation is still in its infancy, but it continues to grow exponentially. By growing with it, you’ll have a stellar professional career ahead of you.