Why YouTube TV is Getting More Expensive and What it Costs Now

Over the past few years, YouTube TV has become a popular option for cord-cutters looking to ditch their cable subscription for a more modern, flexible streaming service. However, recent changes in content and pricing have some consumers scratching their heads. This article will delve into why YouTube TV is getting more expensive and what it costs now.

Increased Cost of Content

One of the primary reasons behind the price hike is the increased cost of content. As YouTube TV continues to add more channels and programming to its lineup, the company must pay higher fees to broadcasters and networks to secure these shows and movies. Essentially, the more popular and high-demand channels that are provided, the higher the cost.

Growing Competition

It’s no secret that YouTube TV faces stiff competition from other players in the video streaming space such as Hulu Live TV, SlingTV, AT&T TV Now, and FuboTV. Each competitor is constantly looking to outshine one another and attract customers by offering exclusive content or features. With this constant push for innovation and improvement, services like YouTube TV often have to invest heavily in keeping their offerings current and enticing.

Improvements in Technology and Streaming Quality

YouTube TV continues to enhance streaming quality and user experience through technological advancements such as improved video encoding techniques for smoother playback on multiple devices. These improvements require investment in research, development, and infrastructure—all of which contribute to a higher overall cost for the service.

Marketing Expenses

Streaming services must make significant investments in marketing to attract new subscribers and maintain a competitive edge over rivals. By allocating more money towards promotional efforts, YouTube TV aims to keep its name at the forefront of potential subscribers’ minds.

What Does YouTube TV Cost Now?

As a result of these factors, starting from July 2020, YouTube TV’s subscription price increased significantly from $49.99 per month to $64.99 per month. This new pricing puts YouTube TV in line with its competitors like Hulu Live TV, which also charges $64.99 per month. While these price increases might be a turnoff to some potential subscribers, it’s essential to factor in the added channels and features that YouTube TV has integrated into its platform to make it an attractive option for cord-cutters.

In conclusion, the price increase of YouTube TV can be attributed to several factors, including the increased cost of content, growing competition, technological improvements, and marketing expenses. Subscribers must now pay $64.99 per month for the service, placing it in a similar price range to other streaming platforms like Hulu Live TV.