Words That Can Make You Sound Smarter

Want to sound smarter when you talk? Add the words below to your vocabulary, and you will.

Words to Add to Your Vocabulary

  1. Accolade: a mark of acknowledgment, an honor.
  2. Acquiesce: to go along without protest, even if you don’t r want to.
  3. Bamboozle: disguise one’s true motives; to cheat or deceive another person.
  4. Camaraderie: trust between friends; a spirit of familiarity.
  5. Conundrum: a complex problem.
  6. Idyllic: peaceful, happy, pleasing.
  7. Impeccable: faultless or without defect; incapable of wrongdoing.
  8. Perfunctory: something is done without much care or attention.
  9. Ruminate: to think about something thoroughly and in great detail.
  10. Tempestuous: identified by explosive conditions.
  11. Tenuous: very weak or slight and likely to change.
  12. Vacillate: to go back and forth between two points, waver between different opinions, or be indecisive.
  13. Vitriolic: harsh or corrosive in tone.
  14. Wheelhouse: a metaphor for an individual’s area of comfort or expertise.
  15. Zealous: displaying or feeling energetic support for a person, cause, etc.