10 Fun 100th Day Videos To Help You Celebrate in the Classroom

Introduction: The 100th day of school is an exciting milestone for both teachers and students alike. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate all the learning and growth that has taken place throughout the year so far. One way to make the day extra special is by watching fun and educational videos with your students. In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 entertaining 100th-day videos that you can show in your classroom. These videos are not only entertaining but also educational, helping your students reinforce important concepts while having a blast. Let’s dive in!

  1. “The 100th Day of School” by Jack Hartmann – Description: This catchy song by Jack Hartmann is perfect for getting your students excited about the 100th day of school. It introduces the concept of counting to 100 in a fun and interactive way.
  2. “100th Day of School Dance” by The Kiboomers   – Description: Get your students up and moving with this lively dance video. The Kiboomers will have everyone grooving to the beat while counting to 100. It’s a great way to encourage physical activity and celebrate this special day.
  3. “Count by 10s” by Have Fun Teaching  – Description: This animated video teaches students to count by 10s up to 100. It’s a fun and engaging way to reinforce skip-counting skills.
  4. “100 Exercise” by Have Fun Teaching   – Description: Combine physical exercise with number recognition in this energetic video. Students will have a blast doing various exercises while counting to 100.
  5. “100th Day Celebration” by Harry Kindergarten Music  – Description:  Harry Kindergarten Music brings the celebration to life with this upbeat video. It showcases different 100th-day activities and encourages students to join in the fun.
  1. “100th Day of School” by HeidiSongs  – Description: HeidiSongs’ video features a catchy song that celebrates the 100th day of school. It incorporates counting and math skills while engaging students with its lively tune.
  1. “100th Day of School” by Mr. DeMaio   – Description: Mr. DeMaio takes you on an entertaining journey through the 100th day of school with this humorous video. It’s educational, hilarious, and perfect for engaging students in learning.
  1. “The 100th Day of School” by The Learning Station  – Description: This interactive song video by The Learning Station encourages students to actively participate in counting to 100. It’s a lively and rhythmic way to celebrate the milestone.
  1. “100 Acts of Kindness” by Jack Hartmann- Description: Teach your students the importance of kindness while celebrating the 100th day of school. This video by Jack Hartmann promotes empathy, compassion, and positive behavior.
  1. “100th Day Celebration Song” by Nancy Kopman – Description: End your 100th-day celebration with this catchy song that captures the spirit of the milestone. Nancy Kopman’s video is entertaining and will leave your students feeling accomplished and excited.

Conclusion: These 10 fun and educational 100th-day videos are a great addition to your classroom celebration. From catchy songs to interactive exercises, these videos will help reinforce important skills while making the 100th day memorable for your students. So get ready to learn, dance, and have a blast on this special day!