10 Social Distancing PE Activities & Games

Introduction: With social distancing being implemented in various settings, including physical education (PE) classes, it’s essential to find creative ways to keep kids active while maintaining a safe distance. In this article, we will explore ten exciting PE activities and games that promote physical fitness, social interaction, and fun!

  1. Socially Distanced Relay Races: Create relay races where each participant completes their leg while maintaining a safe distance from others. This can include exercises like jogging, skipping, or jumping jacks, with handoffs being contact-free.
  1. Balloon Volleyball: Set up a net or a line as a divider and use balloons instead of a traditional volleyball. Kids can work together to keep the balloon in the air while staying within their designated areas.
  1. Yoga or Stretching Circuits: Incorporate yoga or stretching exercises into a circuit format. Assign different stations where kids can practice various stretches and improve their flexibility while maintaining distance from others.
  1. Dance Party: Organize a dance party where each child can showcase their moves while keeping a safe distance from others. Create a fun playlist with upbeat music and encourage kids to groove to the rhythm.
  1. Scavenger Hunts: Design a socially distanced scavenger hunt where students search for specific items or complete physical tasks individually. They can work through the list while maintaining distance from their classmates.
  1. Alphabet Fitness Challenge: Assign a different exercise to each letter of the alphabet (e.g., A for arm circles, B for burpees). Have kids take turns calling out a letter, and everyone performs the corresponding exercise while maintaining distance.
  1. Hula Hoop Challenge: Set up hula hoops at a safe distance apart and challenge kids to toss bean bags or small balls into them. This game enhances hand-eye coordination and allows kids to have fun while staying active.
  1. Simon Says, Social Distancing Edition: Play a modified version of Simon Says, adding instructions that promote social distancing. For example, “Simon says hop forward three steps and then take a step back, maintaining a distance from others.”
  1. Fitness Circuit Training: Create a circuit with individual exercise stations, such as push-ups, squats, or planks, placed at a safe distance apart. Assign a specific time for each station and have kids rotate through them.
  1. Mini Olympics: Arrange a mini Olympics event with modified versions of traditional sports. Incorporate activities like long jump, discus throw (using foam discs), relay races, and mini hurdles while ensuring participants maintain ample distance.

Conclusion: Physical education is crucial for children’s overall health and well-being, even in times of social distancing. By utilizing these ten social distancing PE activities and games, we can ensure our kids stay active, engaged, and connected while staying safe.